Necromunda Hired Gun: All Missions with a Rank of A (Save File)

Save file before the last mission to be done with A rank


Links and Locations

Back up your own save files first!

1) They can be found at: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Streumon\Necromunda\Saved\SaveGames

2) Download my files from:
3) Disable Steam Cloud sync.

4) Replace the folders.

Replay this Level with a rank of A

I kept this map: Geister Station

It’s a small map with two fights and five chests (two in the driller area and three in the ambots locations).

What exactly you must do?
1) Collect five chests for S rank.
2) Do variety kills (implants, headshots, takedowns) which will guaranty A.
3) Do not die for S rank (you may use medkits).

Set your game to max difficulty as I’ve done all “A” on it. Character is maxed out, so… getting an “A” should be easy. Good luck.

The best student
Finish all main missions with a rank of A or more

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