NBA 2K19 – How to Fix 56d85bb8 Error

NBA 2K series are a great basketball game all over the world. However, the game has quite some issue when you are playing. Here GamePretty will guide you how to fix 56d85bb8 error in the NBA 2K19 game.

The error message is “There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit for up to date information. Error code: 56d85bb8”. You can also see this error in the image below.


How to Fix 56d85bb8 Error

56d85bb8 error is probably network problem. Because this issue always happens when you are playing the online mode, such as neighborhood.

The immediate way to solve this problem is to restart your router. However, this issue will happened again later. 2K Sports has explained this issue that it probably has something to do with your connection between your router and the 2K servers.

There is no completely solution for this error. But you can fix this problem by installing a different router(TP-Link (Archer C7) AC1750). So your new router might be the problem, although in theory it shouldn’t be allowed to, since it’s a newer model. 2K Support doesn’t give that much info about it and they don’t have an explanation on what the error exactly is. You need sent about 4-5 tickets regarding this issue and I still don’t know anything for sure. Since you probably still have your old router there, you can hook it up and test if that’s the problem.


Hope this method will help you, if it does not work for you. You can leave a comment below.

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