How to Fix Controller NOT Working in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K series is one of the most famous sport video game, you can play online and you can create your player as you like from a newbie to a superstar. however. there always some issues in this game. Controller not working is one of the game problem since NBA 2K16. here GamePretty will guide you how to fix the controller not working problem in NBA 2K19 on PC.


Controller NOT Working Online Suddenly on PC

This issues usually happens when you are playing the online mode. the controller works fine VS PC but in PVP It doesn’t work any more.

If your problem happened suddenly, the problem may seem to the settings and compatibility of the game. you can recheck the game setting and try to turning your controller on after you run the game.


PS 4 Controller Not Working for PC

When you start up game you can’t control your player at all. it works fine in the menu and you can bring up the start menu in game.It was also listed as Player 3 in the team select.

start steam

open settings


General controller settings(a new window will open, think it is steam big screen mode)

Make sure there is a check mark in front of PS4 configuration support.

After that the controller should work automatically, just one thing, it will have the XBOX icons, but that is only a minor inconvenience.

2K Sports recently has released a new update for NBA 2K19 on PC and It is availble to download now through Steam. there are no official patch notes for this update. you can get a look at the NBA 2K19 update version 1.05 patch notes.


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