Daily, weekly, seasonal – we got it all here.   Introduction Use CTRL+F to find something quick. Numbers and other variables are swapped with “x” so if you are looking for “deal 2000 damage with greatsword” use phrase “deal x damage with certain weapon” Journey’s Dawn (special) Log in Play one match of Herald Trial or Quick … Read more

NARAKA BLADEPOINT: General Melee Guide

Are you getting light spammed everytime? Are your combos getting interrupted every time? come and learn!   Basic Concepts We have three types of stance for melee in the game: Normal (No hyper armor) This exists in the first two combos or melee in mid-air of your sword attacks (left-left, left-right, right-right, right-left, in air-right, … Read more

NARAKA BLADEPOINT: Character Presets (How to Download and Import)

Here are some character presets for character customization. It includes some custom beautiful characters and reference characters such as Zoro, Ryze, Squidward, Pico, Shrek, Saitama, Veigo, and Thanos. Hope you like it 🙂   Preset Download Link Google Drive link:–FM-69KK6JjFCJ9OepP2nqyI4rM18in?usp=sharing How to Import Preset 1. Click on the Heroes on top of screen, then select … Read more