My Friendly Neighborhood: Hidden Levels Guide

Screenshots to the Solution or simple text! This guide wants and provides answers to the hidden levels of the Neighborhood! Spoilers of Course!


Set Room puzzle answers!

The combo for the Safe is 7 12 4, Found via watching Reel “Heist” found in basement behind a triangle locked room near the fusebox.

The Orb answer key is a poster found in Maintenance office near office elevator corridor. It does not require a specific rotation to each symbol.

The Hotel Masks

There’s a 5 mask gain with the Set Stage Orb drop. The masks have to be hauled from Dice puzzle alongside new added mask to second floor of main building lobby.

The answer key to puzzle can be found in the conference room behind the left sided curtain next to the whiteboard.

Answer provided by Everygen
Angry mask – Norman
Tired mask/Second Red Mask – Junebug
Shocked mask- Lenard
Sad mask – Lillianna
Happy mask – George

This should open the room 122.

Room 122

After completing the Orb and Hotel Mask Puzzle,the player gains access to Room 122 machine puzzle.

There’s A to Z with 0 to 9 on six dials with a lever on side to pull.

There’s a unique song track that is Morse code playing in the room and 5 possible number sequences that will display randomly when red button is pressed on the machine.


Its likely these date correlating to Friendly Neighbor and its development i.e. videos of trailers and launch date announcements Such as Feb 21th, Oct 21th, Aug 13th, July 18th and June 12th

The Mice Cave!

To get the Mouse cave, one has to press a brick facing steps that surround the pit in the Basement area! Note there are two bricks, one of them will notify via clunk after pressing to confirm that the entrance is open.

Unconfirmed if two brick presses are required or just one.

The entrance to the cave is in the room with a staircase that goes towards fuse box puzzle area. Its left from the pit entrance.

Besides a cheat tape. There’s also a note on the wall. Currently there’s no known puzzle or interaction for this note.

Golden Gobblette Statues

If a grenade, i.e. a punctuation, is thrown into Golden Gobblette Statues located in the Movie Theater and hallway to the first floor stash area. As shown in screenshot. The mouth closes and no other effect is known.

The grenade explosion is contained inside the statue and doesn’t effect any other character surrounding the statues.

Thanks to Akardi for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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