My devil’s voice: How to Unlock Achievements

Just some basic guidance to help unlock achievements.
If you are lost at any point there is a detailed guide labeled “MLA1.0.0-Walkthrough-text-and-pics” located inside of \steamapps\common\My devil’s voice\



Too hard: At the start of the game select to “Call Emmy” twice. Select “Harassment” and choose “Show Boobs” twice and then “How about a promotion” roughly 5 times.

Gocha!: When you go to hell select both of the doors on the right side.

Ouch: When talking to the demon in hell choose to “Squeeze the right boob” and then “Try to touch the boobs anyway”

Public Murano: Go find Murano in Room 22 when you notice that Murano is missing from class.

She wanted it: Demonic Path on Day 35, During school hours watch the map for a event with Murano and Edwin.

Runner: Find her jogging at the Park. Whisper to her that the “Maniacs are only here at night?” Visit the park at night and click on the bush.

Yoga: Find her on the bench at the Park. Arouse her on three different days. Find her in the bathroom at the night club.

Full Power: Unlock 3 Powers. You should naturally get this through story progression.

Bad spy: Spam “Arouse” on someone until you become a demon and then try to explore the map.

Anti Nerd: On Day 18 the Lecturer announces the Exam. For the next 7 days interrupt her every time she tries to study. On the final day for study for the Exam, She gets a invite to a party. Select the option “It’ll also soothe your nerves” and “Yes” and she will meet the guy at the club and then move to the party.

Demon/True: You need to have at least 5 points to enable an ending. Red options lead to Demonic ending and Blue options lead to True Ending.

Pure Evil / Pure goodness: Pick only Red or only Blue choices when presented

Angel: To start you on this path, Raise her study level and become friends with the redhead Anabel.

Thanks to ValerieTX for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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