My boss is weird: How to Cheat for a Better Life (Cheat Engine)

This is NOT a walkthrough, but Cheat Engine is going to help if you have trouble progressing the game!


How to edit Lust, Favorability, Health and Wealth.
The game consists of 4 major variables: Lust, Favorability, Health and Wealth.

They are stored in memory as integer between 0-100, and each variables has a ±4 offset in the hex address (±4h).

For example, if Lust is stored in 0x00000004, then the next variable, Favorability will be stored in 0x00000008, etc.

As you start the game, each variables has an initial value of 50, and the exact value is hidden throughout the game.

So you can use CE to run a 4 bytes exact value search, beginning from 50. As the value changes, do a search with “Increased” or “Decreased” value until you locate it.

Once you found one variable, you can manually add the rest of the 3 with ±4h as mentioned.

Hope this is going to help you further explore the game!
Credit to SaferSky

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