Mr. Prepper: “Speedrunner” Achievement Guide

This guide is composed of bullet points plan of relevant tasks, ordered and separated by days. The objective is to complete the game under 30 days, in order to get the achievement “Speedrunner”. It is not a full step-by-step guide, since it leaves out some details such as what equipement and resources to carry, or … Read more

Mr. Prepper: How to get Everything is Bob

How to get the Everything is Bob achievement. Spoilers ahead!   Mr. prepper’s Home 2 Plants are on the far left Fort has 13 plants 5 plants are in the first/ reception area. 6 plants are in the next/ waiting area. The last 2 are in the next/ work area. By Axel91

Mr. Prepper: Fort Observer Guide

This is a quick guide for fort observer game version 1.05   Pre fort Prep Before you leave for the fort make sure you grab a full stack of food, I went with only a stack of 5 dried meats and I was seriously challenged at the AI fight stage. I would recommend at least … Read more

Mr. Prepper: Starters’ Guide & Tips

Here are some tips for you to start the Mr. Prepper game. if you have any problems. please let me know.   Getting started So, you have been caught and now you are grounded in your little, cozy house. Take a look, there is no need to be stressed, just relax. Important: if you hoover … Read more