Mr. Prepper: Fort Observer Guide

This is a quick guide for fort observer game version 1.05


Pre fort Prep
Before you leave for the fort make sure you grab a full stack of food, I went with only a stack of 5 dried meats and I was seriously challenged at the AI fight stage. I would recommend at least 10 cans or other high stamina food.

Grab two or three energy drinks, while inside the base you can hit up vending machines for more drinks.

Plenty of ammo, I would suggest about 100 rounds. Though if your good at melee combat 50 and the fancy nail adorned baseball bat will get the job done.

Gas, I brought 20 cans to fuel up the car to max. There might be some leftover in the car for your next desert trip.

This might be a bug but when I left for this whole trip I lost all my plants that I had growing in my greenhouses even though my auto waterer had a full tank. You might want to harvest and then use the grab function on each of your garden plots so you get the seeds back. I had 6 greenhouses and was only growing guarana. Not sure if the grab function gives you seeds back for all plants or only guarana.

The drive to fort
Drive and drive and….drive. Watch for the govt sat, it appears in the sky and floats over the horizon. Now you know what the postman stares at.

Fort Arrival
After your long drive you arrive at the fort and are instantly assailed by wave after wave of coyote and snake attacks. Once defeated you will make your way to the front door and talk to the AI.

The AI wont open the door for you till you drop all the stuff he doesn’t like. Open the panel under the AI screen and click deposit all. Its far simpler and faster then trying to do it manually.

Once he opens the door begin the long stroll over to the door on your far right. You can click “inspect” on the planes and get a musing about the past from your prepper.

Enter the fort
Once you enter the fort you should be on the lookout for anything containing electronics or plastic. Most of the computers on this base the AI wont let you take, but there are a few broken ones you can nab. Make sure you grab the two phones on the front desk, you will need them.

There are a few things along the way to the end that you can “Inspect” and get more backstory on Mr. Prepper. Make your way all the way to the right and find the door to the AI chamber.

AI room
Once inside the room with the AI chip you need, you will find both a workbench and a bed. Also don’t miss nabbing the true prepper treasure of the fort, a bunch of rifles! At minimum you need to grab two of the rifles, one for yourself and one for the minuteman guy that you exchange letters with. I was able to grab all the rifles and have plenty of room left for more of the random stuff you can find along the way. Grab one of the yellow atomic barrels to break down for schematics that I believe are only found in the fort.

Now grab the floating AI ball and go to the workbench then dismantle it. The AI wont like that and will lock you in, drag the empty ball out of your inventory and put it back where you found it. The AI still wont like that but you now have a clue on what to do next. Grab the empty ball and go to the workstation. At this point you may have gathered enough electronics and plastic to make the fake AI ball recipe.

You might not have enough materials so just reassemble the AI core and go to sleep in the bed. Once you put the AI core back the door will reopen and you can leave the room. Do so and then go to the right and through the door. There are two “inspect” items in here, one the huge Xray screen and then the small tech helmet underneath the screen. Once you have more backstory you can go all the way back to the front desk where you will find the phones have respawned which I believe is a function of sleeping. Grab them and return to the AI core room.

Now that you have enough materials, grab the AI core again. Go to the workbench and take apart the core then build the “fake” AI core. Place the fake core where you found the original core, the AI wont like that and will threaten you but then let you out anyway. Leave the AI Core room and make your way to the exit.

AI fight
This is a very annoying “battle” with a few things that you haven’t seen before.

The goal is when you see the “loading bar” on the overhead screens, you need to run arround and activate the computers that suddenly and randomly have an orange screen. By clicking each of these you slowly run out the “health” on the loading bar.

The first complication will be rocks falling on your head, you have a short warning where you will see some dust clouds falling down to get out of the way of the rocks. If you are a hotshot it probably wont be difficult for you, if however you are not fast on your reactions you must keep an eye on your health at all times. Eat those high value foods when your health is low hero… ahem I mean mr. prepper.

The next complications that appear are red computer screens, basically these are grenades. If your near one of these they will damage you when they blow. Continue dodging rockfalls, watch out for the red screens and activate the orange screens.

At some point red computer screen grenades will also start randomly flying at you from the left and right. Dodge these as well.

Eventually after dodging all these hazards and activating the orange screens you will find you have defeated the AI “boss”. You are now free to return to your bunker at your leisure.

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