Monstrous Love: 100% Achievement Guide

100% Achievement Guide for Monstrous Love



There are a lot of secret achievements in this game, and this guide will point them out throughout the story and tell you when to save your game. I recommend using different save slots to save often even when it doesn’t say to save in the guide to see different outcomes if you’d like. You can turn on the option to skip texts in the settings but I don’t recommend this as it could glitch the game and freeze it on a black screen.

Each Girl has their own set of achievements attached to them. With 1 achievement being to finish all 3 stories.

  • Joana : 4 Achievements
  • Lola : 4 Achievements
  • Joana : 5 Achievements

Paula & Flower

Dancing with myself
When you sit next to the tree, choose listen to music and pick metal and just wait a few seconds. She will start dancing.
Freaked Out
Run home when you first meet the flower
Not Today
Play with the flower for a bit then get dressed and go home when the option shows up.
Free and satisfied in paradise
This will unlock when you finish the scene 1

Cid & Lola

Keep choosing the option to take pictures of until you get everything.
Don’t take gifts from strangers
Keep rejecting all of Cid’s gifts with “Too Confused to React”
Some other time
When by the lake keep selecting random options until “Not Today” and “Go For it” show up. Choose NOT TODAY.
Look what you’ve done, silly
This unlocks when you finish Story 2

Jack & Joana

A rocky start
Choose NO when Jack asks you to come into his cave.
A Very nice dream
Instead of continuing further with jack (when you’re already in the cave), choose to go back to the camp
This is weird – During Foreplay, Joana will start to feel uncomfortable. She saw a spider. Choose the option to Comfort her instead of searching for it
Thank you, M’lord During Foreplay, Joana will start to feel uncomfortable. She saw a spider. Choose the option to search for the spider and you will kill it
Was it good for you?
Finish Story 3
Specialist in love and monstrosity
Finish all 3 stories

Thanks to NutellaOrgies for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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