Monotonia: First Contact – 100% Achievements and Endings Guide

Tutorial for all in-game achievements.



Not a Game

Startup achievement

I will make this ours

Pay off your bills.

Too many jumps

Spam jump to unlock

Not a Glitch

On month 3 click on the star ad then the cloud that appeared on bottom left corner (Storyline)


Mute master volume in the options menu


Turn off the radio in the bills screen

Work Forces


Not a pipe

Spam click the red eyes on left side of screen until you die.


Click a certain amount of ads

Needs to be done in a single save, Strategy is to collect all possible batteries and skip debts only paying the essentials, ads give more money upgraded not recommended.


Play a certain amount of months.

Should pop while doing the storyline if not keep on re-doing it, seems a little buggy.


Dont pay the bills


Die by burnout. (zoom into the screen death)


Pay all the bills


Finish true ending (Check endings section)


Enable protocol and do the 3 puzzles at true ending but dont press the buttons and afk for 15~ mins.


Dont pay debts in a run.


Afk in the signing part for 5~ mins.


Take damage so all eyes appear in the screen then click in the bottom right one.


Pass the first month of a run without touching on the wires, batteries are ok.
Here’s a script to help achieving it.

Loop {
    Sleep, 100


Created by: Atslughorn



For the true ending walkthrough you should click on the Star ad when you reach the 3rd month.

Then click on the cloud that appears on the bottom left corner of the screen and do the download.

The month after the download ends, glitched batteries will appear, collect all of them for the next months and keep looking the brown envelopes that appear on the left part of the billing screen they will tell you when to stop paying debt so the ending comes through

After you collect a certain amount of glitched batteries you will be transported to the ending room where you need to complete 4 puzzles, here are the answer for all of them

The protocol code is 1342

After you insert the protocol a box with 9 red buttons will open on the right part of the screen, here are the patterns you need to insert

after inserting the patterns press the red button so they unlock the 3 locked doors in the middle part of the screen, after they’re open press the 3 red buttons in them after that go back to center screen and press the arrows button and the true ending is done.

Thanks to GATO NA ABÓBORA for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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