Miss Neko 3: Save File for 100% Clear & Unlock

Here is a save files to allow you to get 100% clear and unlock in Miss Neko 3.   How to Download and Install 1. Win+R enters “appdata” (without quotation marks). In the opened directory (user name\appdata), enter LocalLow\Double W\Miss Neko 3, and you will find a mn3.es3 file (if you haven’t cleared the first level, it … Read more

Miss Neko 3: All Achievements Guide

Guide explaining how to get every Achievement in the game.   General Tipps and Tricks If you want to get all Achievements or get all the Nekos, you will have to get 3 Stars on every Level. Here are some Tipps to achieve that goal: How to get Points/Stars You get Stars by unlocking different … Read more