Miss Neko 3: All Achievements Guide

Guide explaining how to get every Achievement in the game.


General Tipps and Tricks

If you want to get all Achievements or get all the Nekos, you will have to get 3 Stars on every Level. Here are some Tipps to achieve that goal:

How to get Points/Stars

You get Stars by unlocking different point milestones which vary across Levels. These are some Methods to get points:

1. Unlimited Bombs

In most Levels you get the ability to place Bombs. These Bombs are unlimited and do not take any of your turns when placed. If you are missing points in a Level, you can simply place down multiple bombs and get a lot of points through them. The only downside to this is, that bombs have a cooldown, for which you will have to wait between placing bombs. There are 4 Types of Bombs: TNT, horizontal, vertical and spike-bombs. Every Bomb except the spike-bomb can destroy ice and stone.

2. On Timer-Levels only: Spam-clicking

When the Level is a timed Level, you can simply randomly click around and most of the time you will hit something. Since there are no turns in this mode, it does not matter how much you click. However, you should first complete the needed score for three Stars and then complete the goals.

Hello Neko! Achievement

In order to get the “Hello Neko!” Achievement you simply need to start up the game!

Pet Pet Achievement

In order to get the “Pet Pet” Achievement you need to click the big Neko in the background of the
Main Screen of the Game.

Easymatch 1-40

There are 40 levels, each with its own “Easymatch” achievement.
In order to get the “Easymatch” Achievement for a level you need to get atleast two stars in that level.
If you need help to get points, look at the “General Tips and Tricks” Section of the Guide.

Royalmatch 1-40

Just like the “Easymatch” achievements, there are “Royalmatch” achievements for each level.
In order to get the “Royalmatch” Achievement for a level you need to get three stars in that level.
If you need help to get points/stars, look at the “General Tips and Tricks” Section of the Guide.

Perfect! Achievement

In order to get the “Perfect!” Achievement, you need to get a total of 120 stars which you can only get by completing all levels on three Stars.

All Neko Achievements

There is a total of 8 Nekos which you can unlock in the game.

You can unlock Nekos by buying them in the store which you can access though the Main Menu.

If you want to buy the Nekos, you need coins. You can get coins by completing levels on different stars.

All Neko Knowledge Achievements

You can get the different knowledge achievements after buying the different Nekos.
When you have purchased a Neko, you can lern about it by clicking on the house icon in the Main Menu.

If you then click on the picture with the Neko (not the chat bubble which you get with the DLC) you will be presented with different infos about the different cat breeds and instantly get the achievement for the neko you klicked on.

Full Neko! Achievement

After unlocking all the Nekos by buying them from the Shop, you will get the “Full Neko!” Achievement!

Thanks to Felix for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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