Mirror 2 Project X: How to View Character Butts with UUEU

Become a true GIGACHAD and View the characters booty.   Change Log Updated For New Patch: June 23rd 2022 Free Cam Still Work’s 1. Caiyun, Qianxi Added To Guide. 2. Added Picture For Lani’s Mini Game. Preparation First you will need to edit you gameusersettings.ini file. Located Here: AppData\Local\Mirror2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Open this file with Notepad or … Read more

Mirror 2 Project X: All Endings Guide

All the guide endings linked in this main one, information about each ending, etc.   Ending Info First Ending: Occupied In the first ending of Occupied, during in the room with Rita after interrogating you – questions, you still think that Leah was a succubus.Unfortunately, Leah appeared, finding out about Naoto (You) and Rita. Leah explains that … Read more