Metro: Last Light Redux – How to Change FOV

This method involves navigating to the “hidden” user.cfg which is in %appdata% NOT the main game files. Try this method if the other method isn’t working!


common method
This method was in 90% of the posts I could find about fixing fov, and it wouldn’t work for me. It might work for you, so I’d recommend trying it first.

1. go to your steam library and right click on metro last light redux
2. click “properties”
3. click “browse local files”
4. find the file called “user.cfg”
5. right click “user.cfg” and click “edit”
6. scroll down until you find the line that says “r_base_fov” (note: if that line isn’t there, just add it in yourself.
7. change the number from the default 50.625 to whatever you want!
note: the game measures FoV in vertical FoV as opposed to the more common horizontal FoV. a value of 90 vertical is equal to around 120 horizontal.
8. launch game and see if it worked. if it didn’t, try the next method

the method that worked for me
1. click start and type %appdata% and hit enter
2. navigate to user/appdata/local
3. click “4A Games”
4. click “Metro Last Light”
5. there should be a folder here, its name is a bunch of numbers, go into it
6. here there should be a file called “user.cfg”
7. right click it and click “edit”
8. now do the same thing you did in the other method
9. launch game, if it doesn’t work feel free to comment and i’ll try to help out

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