Memorrha: A Puzzling Pastime Achievement Fix

The guide describes how to fix this broken achievement.


All you need to do is modify one of game files with Hex editor. You can use HxD or any other you like. I’ll describe here how to do it using HxD.

  • Go to game installation folder, usually it is C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Memorrha.
  • Go further into subfolder Memorrha_x64_Data.
  • Grab file resources.assets and drop it onto HxD editor.
  • Press Ctrl+G (go to) and enter 2CA61B9, make sure that “hex” and “Offset relative to begin” are selected. Press Ok.
  • At that position, you should see text number “1” or hexadecimal number 31: 
  • There should be text “A Puzzling Pastime”,”descr”:”Take a puzzle break to play”,”neededValue”:1,”currentValue”:1″ visible above. If you don’t see it, then you have another game version and should not proceed further.
  • Change text number “1” to “0” or hex value 31 to 30:
  • Save the file – Ctrl+S.
  • Run the game and approach Tetris mini-game, once you activate it you should instantly get achievement. I got both A Puzzling Pastime and Inquisitive Soul at the same time.


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