Meet Your Maker: All Current Traps (Mechanics + Stats)

Description of the functioning of all the current traps, guards and upgrades.   Introduction Since the game is sometime vague over what and how some things work. I decided to visually show how they work. I got most upgrades unlocked and tested, however most guard unlocks are still missing for me. They do seem to … Read more

Meet Your Maker: Outposting Guide for Beginners

A simple guide to obtaining, cleaning, and planning your Outpost!   Obtaining an Outpost To get started on obtaining an Outpost you will need to head over to your sanctuary table. Once there we are going open it as if you were going to go raid, but this is where it gets tricky! Instead of … Read more

Meet Your Maker: Beginner’s Guide (All You Should Know)

This guide should contain all the info needed to understand Meet Your Maker.   About this guide This guide should contain all the information required to understand how the game works. The tutorials already do a good job, but I felt like some things were missing or confusing. This guide is mostly made from knowledge … Read more

Meet Your Maker: How to Beat “Killboxes”

A proven process for tackling even the most difficult rooms assembled.   Haven’t gotten gud? That’s not a problem. I’ll accelerate your learning process so that you can start clearing tough brutal-difficulty rooms sooner. Just follow the steps below. 1. Gather information Don’t be scared of the spammed traps and whatnot. They can’t catch you … Read more