Mechabellum: How to Switch Targets

How to switch targets by changing the direction units face



This guide explains how to switch targets—including to targets that are farther away—by changing the direction units face.

How to Change Direction?

Use the Mobile Beacon to order a unit in the direction you want it to face.

Now cancel the Mobile Beacon and the unit will continue facing the desired direction.

You can repeat this process for other units. At the start of every deployment phase, units will reset and face the nearest enemy units and structures.

Why Change Direction?

In deciding targets, units prioritize time over distance and take turn time into account.


In this scenario the Melting Point must first destroy the Level 2 Fortress to survive, but the Melting point faces the Level 1 Fortress by default because they are nearer to each other.

In order to switch targets, change the direction the Melting Point faces (as explained above) to the Level 2 Fortress.

Now the Melting Point will attack the Level 2 Fortress first, even though it’s farther away, because attacking the Level 1 Fortress would take more time due to the Melting Point’s slow turn rate.

In 2V2 matches, this trick can be used to attack the opponent on your teammate’s side.

Thanks to Latro for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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