McPixel 3: How to Beat that One Caveman Level

For some reason, in round 3-A there’s this one caveman stage I had a ton of trouble figuring out. If you also got stuck like I did this guide can tell you the solution and how to get all the gags.



Most stages in this game are pretty short and can be solved by brute forcing the options, but I got completely stuck on this one stage in round 3-A. I was doing just this one part for over 10 minutes. This might only be a me issue, but if anyone else out there is also having trouble with this here’s a guide on how to beat it.

Beating the Level

  • Click on the bowing caveman.
  • Click on the Game-boy obelisk.
  • Beat the mini game. This part is easy, there’s only one jump to get over.
  • When the actual platforming part starts, run into the walls to stop McPixel from moving. Wait to get behind the cavemen before jumping and resuming platforming. You should be staying just in front of the saber tooth tiger thing.
  • The last jump is impossible to make normally. One of the cavemen has to have made it to the other side first. If he has, jump as far as you can and he’ll grab you and pull you across.

Extra Gags

  • Click on the Game-boy obelisk before it has been powered on by the lightning.
  • Purposefully fall in the single hole in the initial mini game.
  • Wait around at a wall for the wolf to catch you in the platforming section.
  • At the beginning of the level, click on the dancing caveman a few times. Then beat the stage normally, including waiting for a caveman to make it to the final edge before McPixel does.

Thanks to Obi-Wan Cannoli for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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