Mayhem in Single Valley Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you to finish the game. Spoiler warning!



  • The game autosaves quite often, feel free to exploit it if you want.
  • Make manual saves in several slots. If you need more, back it up manually. Here’s the save location, starting from your game folder: \MSV_Data\StreamingAssets\save\
  • Have some firecrackers at hand. Some areas are more effective to be cleared with them, and they are quite hard to find.
  • Don’t sweat your inventory. You’ll mostly need 4-5 items in your bag most of the time. Throw the others that you don’t need. Keep hooch, jar, and rocks (or other abundant items that you can throw) at all times. Yes, that hard candy that you get from grandma and that tissue from your toilet is useless.
  • Try to dodge enemies if possible. Most of them have a set attack pattern and won’t directly attack you, so dodging is possible most of the time. Resources are also limited – try not to use it if you can.
  • You can drag items and enemies to the next area if you push them to the edge of the screen.


In the plane cutsene, save as many passengers as you can.

Super Jack
Rescue all falling passengers.

– Home


– Pick up to-do list.
– Pick up casette.
– Slide the cupboard to find sneaker.
– Jump and press F on cupboard to get Savings (the green thingy).
– Eat pills in your inventory.
– Enter the bathroom.


– Weigh yourself for a cutscene.
– Pick up your medicine on the sink.
– Keep on picking tissue until you can’t.
– Pick up spider in bathtub and release it to the window.
Free the spider.

– Enter your parents’ room.

Parents’ room

– Open drawer to get passport.
– Head downstairs.

Kitchen/Living room

– Pick up an astro warrior action figure collectible next to your mom. You need to jump to do this.
First Collectable Collector
Find your first collectable.

– Open refrigerator to find beers.
– Pick up plane ticket in the trash can in kitchen.
– Interact with the microwave (next to trash can) for a dialogue.
– Interact with the milk in the table for a scene.

– Pick up bag in living room.
– Pick up college acceptance letter in living room.
– Pick up teddy bear in living room.
– Drag the blue box in living room to find cockroaches.
– Give teddy bear to your brother.
– Put your brother to the crib in parents’ room.
– Go to backyard (press F on the window in kitchen then exit the area).


– Pick up flower.
– Pick up blue ball.
– Pick up dog poop bags.
– Pick up dog poops and throw them to the trash can (make sure you select the poop and not other stuffs – rotate items with Q and E).
– Head to the treehouse, accessible from the ladder in backyard.


– Pick up the casette.
– Return to Kitchen/Living room

Kitchen/Living room

– Talk to your mom in kitchen. If you don’t get the achievement, pick up the flower in backyard and talk to her again.
Mommy’s Boy
Give Mom a flower.

– Talk to your mom again.
– Talk to your dad in living room.
– Set beers on the floor from your dad’s chair to the stairs. Your dad should went upstairs if you do this correctly.
– Talk to your brother in parents’ room.
– Head to the treehouse.


– Before you exit the house, use the grey item on the way near the kitchen entrance and drag it to the right fence. Jump on it to enter your neighbor house with a pool.
– Swim inside the pool.
Pool Trespasser
Swim in neighbor’s pool.

– There is a fire boy sunglasses collectible in the north area of the pool.

– Do the same thing to the left neighbor.
– There is a bubble gum love baseball card collectible on top of the house to the north. Drag the sofas to reach it.

– Exit the house.
Leave Home
Go beyond the fence.


– Talk to granny and fetch her walker to get candy.
Good Samaritan
Help an old lady.

– Jump on the clear water (the green one will kill you) to find an aracnea comic book collectible.
– Head east and roll on the tree (right mouse click) to the northeast. Save the clone #1 and pick up the duct tape. (see the red guy hanging on the tree in the screenshot – ignore the F button)

First Clone Rescuer
Rescue your first clone.

– Pick up trash can for a shield.
– Keep on heading west until you reach a dead end. Press F to the clone #2 stuck to the south.
– Pick up the duct tape that is dropped by the clone.
– Jump to the northeast platform before the west exit to reach a humpty dumpty teddy collectible.

– Head to the west exit.

– Pick up casette.
– After you head north, jump to the west and follow the path until you reach a four-door, off-road, die-cast car collectible.

– Pick up the fishes that are lying on the ground.

Catch a fish.

– There is also a clone #3 on top of the platform with flower. Pop the balloon by shooting anything at it (I used acorns) while jumping.

– Head west, and then south before you go to the west exit. Pick up carrots and give them to rabbits if necessary.
– Jump on the ledge to find an ace fight 3 game cartridge collectible and a clone #4.
– Head to the west exit.

– There is a black cat pixel pet collectible above the trailer (or is it a house?). Access it by jumping from the black thingy from the left, then jump on the rock.
– Push the trash can (or any item) to the south cliff. There is a clone #5 there.

– You should see someone saying “Pssh” behind the bushes to the east. His clothes aka underwear is to the north. Bring it back to him.

Tighty Whitie Rescuer
Help a swimmer in need.

– Head north. You’ll reach an area full of enemies. A clone #6 is located to the northwest corner.
– Head to the northeast corner. There will be a goat man action figure collectible to the northeast corner, in the platform in the lake.
– Head to the north exit.

– Forest


– A clone #7 is to the west.
– Pick up casette in the cabin.
– Jump on the trash can, and head to the cabin’s roof. A bubble pop joe baseball card collectible is located there.
– Jump from the rock to the east of cabin to reach the upper cliff to the east. There is a clone #8 stuck on the wall. Throw something to it (I used carrots) to let it out.

– Head to the north exit.

– You need to get a key to the logcutter and a gas tank here.
– There is a clone #9 and a flying fox detective comic book collectible to the northwest. Open the blue container to save the clone and jump from the log on the west to get the collectible.
– Head to the west exit.

– A mikey doll collectible is on top of the logs.
– Another clone #10 to the north of the car.
– Push a log to make a bridge to the left side.

– Pick up gas tank.
– Head to the east exit.

– Put gas tank to the hole (fuel cap) in logcutter.
– Head to the southeast exit.

– A clone #11 is to the north, going on a balloon near the man-eater monster. Throw a carrot from the rock near the container (jump before throwing) to pop the balloon .

– Icy boy sunglasses collectible is on top of the container.
– Jump on box to the east to drop it on the ground. Drop it to the poisoned river near the east exit.
– Drag the sawblade to the logcutter area. Place it on the logcutter’s front.
– Head to the northeast exit.

– Follow the southeast path until you see a clear water. Swim to reach the land that has a key on it.
– A clone #12 is to the northeast.
– Climb the vines from the clear water to get a red, convertible, die-cast car collectible.
– Return to the logcutter area.

– Enter the logcutter and slice the log to the east.
Lumber Jack
Use log cutter to cut down a tree.

– Pick up your bag.
– Head to the north exit.

– Pick up some fishes to the right.
– Swim all the way to the north to get an adventure elves 3 game cartridge collectible.
– Head to the northwest corner of the map to find a clone #13 and a tar spit king baseball card collectible.
Novice Collector
Find 16 collectables.

– Lure the bear with the fishes to the water to the east.
– Enter the house.

Log house

– There is a wonder man comic book collectible in the rat’s cage.
– Head to the northwest door.

– Pick up the casette.
– Drag the table to the left cupboard. Jump on top of it and jump again to reach a blue tom pixel pet collectible.

– Flip the candle switch.
– Head downstairs.


– There is a silent peter doll collectible to the northwest.
– Pick up the toolbox to the south.
– Exit the basement.

– Get empty jars in the cabinet.

– Use it on the hooch below the chair.
– Combine hooch with cheese.
– Give cheese to Bob’s rat.
Saved a Friend
Cure Bob’s pet rat.

– Exit the house from the northwest exit.

– Gorge Cliffs

Gorge Cliffs

– Pick up acorns from the box to the east and shoot at all bottles. You need to jump to reach the farther ones.
– Clone #14 is to the east.
– Jump over the shooting range to find a icup android action figure collectible.
– Head to the west exit.

– Clone #15 is to the west.
– Knock the white log with anything (I used acorn).
– You’ll see a box floating on the water. Press F on the pole to release it.
– Use the box to move to the west side. Pick up swimwear in the center.
– Move the box across the white log. You just need to jump on top of the log when you reach it. It’ll automatically move to the right side.

– Pick up a frankinzombie comic book collection to the north.
– Head to the northwest corner of the map.

– Interact with the log near the hooch to give swimwear to a man.
– Break the jar to the west to find clone #16.
Novice Clone Rescuer
Rescue 16 duct tape clones.

– Follow the northeast path with the box, then head all the way to the east. Clone #17 is there.
– Head upstairs on the building to the northwest. A fast ball kid baseball card collectible is there.
– Head upstairs on the building to the east. Push the car.
– Jump over the car and head to the north exit.

– Jump over the building to get a mindy the clown doll collectible.
– Some jars are inside the building.
– Follow the path until you reach a place with a machine that throws up green goo.
– There is a clone #18 at the top. Drag the nearby box and throw some rocks while jumping to hit it.

– Use the box to head upstairs.
– Head all the way to the east. There is a flame-colored, die-cast car collectible near the edge of the cliff, south of dynamite seller.
– Flip all red switches to navigate the area. Break the bottle after you reach the upper side to meet clone #19.
– There is another clone #20 on the east side, accessible from the vines.
– Turn the valve on the east to turn off the green goo blocking the west path.
– Take the stick near the fire and burn it with the fire.
– Throw it to the dynamite (don’t stand too close).
– Head to the north exit.

Gorge Windy

– Pick up casette.
– Pick up umbrella.
– Follow the path until you reach a rock with flower. Wait for clone #21 to arrive and pop its balloon.
– Follow the path again until you see a dragons gate game cartridge collectible. Unequip your umbrella with 1 button to not get blown away.

– After you reach the railroad track, head to the far east. Climb up to find clone #22.
– Head to the far west. Pick up a stick and light it up.
– Pick up johnny boy sunglasses collectible near the edge of the cliff too.
– Throw the stick to the dynamite on the rail.
– Pull the “stinkys nugget company” boxes reach the north exit.

– Pay extra attention to the fence to the south. There is an orc action figure collectible nearby. Watch out for the hordes too.
– Head northeast afterward. There is a clone #23 hidden on the north wall. Just hit it with anything (I used rock) after jumping on the middle platform.
– There is another clone #24 hanging near the edge of the cliff to the south. It’s located near the “!” sign.
– Head all the way to the east to find a green jane pixel pet collectible.
– Head to the north exit.

– Cave


– Keep your torch lighted at all times.
– There is an insect die-cast car collectible to the northeast, along with clone #25 near the east wall.

– Drag the box to the yellow-black tile.
– Head to the north exit.

– Use torch on the wind pipe.
– There is a hidden area to the left. Push the trash can to climb the pipes, then follow the way to find living boy sunglasses collectible.

– Use umbrella to cross to the other side.
– Save clone #26.
– There is a norse dragons 5 game cartridge collectible to the south of the next wind pipe.

– Head south on the intersection to find clone #27.
– Throw anything to the yellow-black tile (I used rock) in the intersection to turn the generator on.
– The box to the east hold some jars.
– Return to the previous intersection.
– Enter the door.

– There is a hidden stairs to the north. Climb it to find an orange slam pixel pet collectible and clone #28.

Intermediate Collector
Find 32 collectables.

– Light the pipe to the north.
– Pull the lever to the west and go on the platform to reach the other side.
– Flip the switch.
– Throw rock to the yellow-black tile near the propeller in the middle to unlock the north door.
– Use the door.

– There is a clone #29 on the southwest corner. Use the nearby bucket to reach it.
– Head north, but don’t drop off the cliff yet. Instead, head to the east area and find yourself to the mural with you being chased with black monsters.

Find the cave painting.

– Return to the area entrance and use the rightmost path. DO NOT USE YOUR TORCH TO LIGHT THE WIND PIPE. There is the purple globule action figure collectible and clone #30. You need to jump on top of the pipe, then use your umbrella to reach the first one.

– Drop off the cliff that you encountered.

– You need to drag the item near the wall to the north and use it as a pedestal to climb up.
– Head to the north exit.


– Pick up the casette.
– Enter the door to the southwest to find a grand slam ralf baseball card collectible.
– Drag the lamp on the southeast corner to the hall, near the skeleton to reveal a code.

– Use the code to the room east of where you found the lamp.
– Activate the machine.
– Return to the hall.

– Flip the switch near the north exit. This will make the fan to boost you up.
– Use umbrella to travel to the west area – start from exploring the south room.
– Take the cave key card on the southeast table.

– Return to the hall.

– Enter the northeast room.
– Throw anything to the bottle to find clone #31.
– Turn the valve to find an infinite planet comic book collectible.
– Return to the hall.

– Enter the northwest room.
– Turn off the valve.
– Stack the items so you can reach to the top.

Clone Lab

I’m too lazy to explain everything in text so here you go. Make sure to make a manual save before attempting – you need to finish the level without killing any clones. It’s fine to get killed in the area with green goo.

Ethical Scientist
Complete clone labs without killing a clone.

– Mansion


– Pick up the casette.
– Head east to reach the zoo.

Mansion Zoo

– Pick up one hotdog along the way.
– Enter the rhino cage to get an old teddy bear collectible.
– Pick up apples and cover them with hooch.
– Give it the apple-covered hooch.
Rhino Vet
Cure a rhino.

– The rhino should walk back to the cage. Lock it when it happens.
– Save clone #32.
Intermediate Clone Rescuer
Rescue 32 duct tape clones.

– Head to the northeast exit.

– Clone #33 is on the southwest corner of the map.
– Head to the next cage.

– Save clone #34 and collect a die-cast muscle car on the northeast corner.
– Head to the next cage.

– Pick up lover boy sunglasses collectible.
– Follow the path until you reach a crate of bananas.

– Pick up a banana, cover it with hooch, and give it to the gorilla that you met.
Gorilla Vet
Cure a gorilla.

– Cover the hotdog with hooch.
– Climb the vines next to the crate of bananas to reach the bear’s cage.

– Give hotdog-covered hooch to bear.
Bear Vet
Cure a bear.

– A plumber and dinos 5 game cartridge collectible is in the bear’s cage.
– Climb the vines and jump between the trees to reach the monkey cage to the east.
– Give banana to monkey.
Monkey Vet
Cure a monkey.

– This might be a bit hard, but save the clone #35.

– Return to the place where you found the banana and head to the south exit.
Zoo Escape
Survive the zoo.

– There is a hooch and a chest to the far west.
– Climb the vines west of the main door. There is a clone #36 with balloon here.
– Climb the stairs east of the main door and enter the door that you see.


– Pick up a pink viv pixel pet collectible in the room.
– Head to the west exit.

– There is a robotronputer action figure collectible in the aquarium. Push the sofa to dive into the water and keep on jumping until you get it.
– Follow the plea of help until you reach a room with a lion.
– Return to the place with aquarium.
– To be honest, I don’t know how to get the fish for the lion, but since you need it for an achievement, use firecracker with hooch and toss it to it.
Lion Vet
Cure a lion.

Explosive Cure
Cure with explosives.

– Now, come back to the area where you met the lion for the first time. Open the closet.
– Follow the girl.

– On the frame-like area, take the casette.
– Pick up your dad’s painting.
– Time to explore the whole mansion.
– Return to the aquarium room and head to the northwest exit.

– Start exploring from the second room from the left.
– Pick up swimwear.
– Save clone #37 hidden inside the statue to the northeast corner.
– Head inside the second room from the right in the hallway.

– Give the swimwear to the old man in the bath.
– Head inside the bath to pick up a hard batter cass baseball card collectible.
– That’s all you can do here. Return to the aquarium room and head to the southwest exit.

– Save clone #38 in the bottle and pick up a nightgirl comic book collectible to the north.
– Head to the west exit.

– Pick up casette.
– Head to the north exit.

– Save clone #39 hidden beneath the flowers.
– Pick up a pale maria doll collectible near the fountain to the east.
– Break the statue of your clone to the southeast to save clone #40.
– Head inside the greenhouse to the northeast and try to turn the valve.
– Follow the path to the west and enter the blue container. Borrow the wrench from the plumber.
– Use the wrench to the valves in greenhouse.

– Head to the fountain to get the music tone.
– Attempt to return the wrench to the plumber.
– Return to the place where you meet the girl that gave you the mansion key.

– Close the door and barricade the room with tables and sofas.

– Play the tone in the piano.

Panic Room

– In the next room, pick up an old-fashioned, die-cast car collectible in the northwest corner.
– Pick up the gun nearby.
– Pick up cheese from the cabinet next to where you come in and throw them to the rats.
– When they gathered to the fan next to the cheese cabinet, flip the nearby switch. This will cause them to move to an isolated space.
– Shut the rat hole.

– Follow the rats there and break the bottle to find clone #41.
– Once the rats disappear (it will happen eventually), take the elevator.

Mansion Tunnel

– Pick up singing boy sunglasses collectible near the fence.
– Use the car.
Speed Demon
Complete the golf cart mini-game.

– Schoolyard


– Head east for a boss battle.

Boss fight
Dodge when the boss throw its hat around, push trash can to it when it opens its laptop, and bring its dropped suitcase to the green circle. Repeat for three times.

– Exit the area. Head to the east. There is clone #42 hanging on the tree to the south.
– Enter the school bus to get a silver nose game cartridge collectible.
– There is another clone #43 to the west, near the dynamite seller.
– Enter the building to the north.

– Enter the room next to the green hole. Clone #44 is waiting for you.
– Head west and enter the next room that you can enter. A purple poppy pixel pet collectible is here.
– Follow the ghost to the west exit.

– Basically, you need to do three tasks for him. The tasks are straightforward so I won’t explain it here.
– Once you’re done, exit the classroom.
Help Verity with her quest to find true love.

– Pick up the casette.
– There is a clone# 45 on the north side.
– Enter the room to the east.
– Break the bottle to release clone #46.

– Travel between the pipes. Pick up the underwear to the east and bring it to the other guy near this area’s exit.

– After you reach an area with blowing pipes, head to the pipe west from the blowing ones. Turn the machine off and head to the previously-blowing pipe.
– Head north and go past the stairs. Keep on heading east to find an iron sera baseball card collectible.

– Clone #47 is flying with its balloon to the south.
– Head to the area’s exit.

– Pick up the potion.
– Exit the room.

– Clone #48 is on the way to the north.
– The closet hold some explosives and jars.
– Head to the next room.

– A space fantasy issue 66 comic book collectible is to the southwest.
– Pick up battery in the northeast area.

– Exit the room.

– Oh, hey, you are back. Explore all rooms. small doors to the north. There is a jar in the fridge in the second room from the right and a clone #49 in the bottle in the leftmost room.
– Head to the south exit. It’s the gym.

– Play dodge ball.
– Pick up sticky supplies to the south, on the table.
– Jump from the spectator seat to the “love is in the air” sign to collect clone #50.
– Head to the northwest exit. Open all lockers for supplies.
– Head to the northeast exit. There is a raggy kris doll collectible. Drag the box to reach it.
– If you plan to open all lockers here, there is a snake enemy in the middle. Be careful.
– Head to the south exit.

– Clone #51 is to the northeast.
– The seven eyed demon action figure collectible is to the south.
– The monster to the southeast drops the copper pipe. Lure it by giving some food (I used apples).

– Return to the lab-like area.
Teacher’s Pet
Help Miss Jenkins out.

– The Void

The Void

– Follow the instructions.
– Follow the west path, then south to reach a die-cast pickup truck collectible.

– Return to the platform when you head south. Head north this time.
– Pick up the casette.

– Just keep on following the path. This area is pretty straightforward.
– On the area with portal, save all kids from all sides and wait for the portal to open. There are 5 children in total. The last one can be reached by going to the northeast area from the center. There is a disappearing block there.

– Knock all children one by one to the portal. You might want to save to avoid pushing them to the abyss.
– Jump on the portal.
Portal Hopper
Escape The Void.

Childhood Hero
Rescue all missing children.

– Town


– Pick up the casette.
– Save the clone #52 buried beneath the sand to the east.
– Head north, and then west. Clone #53 is there, hanging by the docks.
– Space boy sunglasses collectible is on the “bait shackle” building roof.
– Pick up the swimwear nearby.

– Go upstairs on the building to the east.
– Enter the buildings to get passcode slip, clone #54, and a space effect rpg game cartridge collectible on all rooms in the second building.
– Talk to the “hot dog” sitting on the chair near the building’s entrance to get hotdog cart’s key.

– Explore all rooms in the first floor, starting from the right side. You shoud get 2 passcode slips from the 2 rooms.
– Clone #55 is in the toilet in the leftmost room.
– Interact with the safe in the middle and type the password to get bridge key.
– Use bridge key on the bridge to the east.
– Bring swimwear to the guy on the southeast corner.
– Use the hot dog car near the hot dog guy. Drive it across the bridge.

– Save clone #56 nearby.
– Enter “General’s General Store”. Pick up car wash ticket.
– Enter “Italian Meat Balls”. Turn the valve to put out the fire.
– Clone #57 is on the second floor of this building.
– Head to the topmost floor. Here’s how you can pass the third floor – just drag the cabinet to the green goo.

– Clone #58 is here.
– Jump over the furnitures on the left side to reach a space commando game cartridge on top of “Muddy Cakes”.
– Head down to the other side of the barricade from “Italian Meat Balls”.

– Use the ticket on the smallcar wash machine.
– Open the cage containing all humans in the cage. Use hooch-covered firecracker to cure them first if you want. You can safely throw it on top of the green truck.
– Push the box to the yellow-black tile.
– Stand on the other yellow-black tile.
– Enter the car wash with your car.

– Exit the car and head north.
– Enter “Ma & Pa Pizza” to find a square joe pixel pet collectible.
– Enter “Popcorn and Remakes” to find a teen drama quarterly comic book collectible.
– Clone #59 is to the northwest corner of the map.
– Enter the “Piggy Bank”.

– The officer in the southwest corner has vault keycard.
– Use the keycard to the safe to the northeast corner.
– Enter the “Arcade”.

– Head inside the glowing machine.
– You can lead the alien to use lasers on any obstacles. You’ll win if you destroy the green wall blocking the way to the north exit. Before you do it, destroy the truck between “Piggy Bank” and “Arcade” to reveal a maverick geoffries baseball card collectible. Note that you can only pick it up after you finish the game.

– Head to the north exit.

– Pick up grenade from the box with radiation sign.
– Push the box nearby or drive your hot dog car to reach the casette.
– Enter the building.


– Pick up the hearing aids in the second area.
– Break bottle to the northwest to save clone #60.
– Pick up pops.
– Head to the northwest exit. The door might be a bit hidden here.
– Follow the path to the last room.

– Drag the bedroom to the north to reveal a hooch.

– Once the doctor is recovered (he’ll eat it by himself), he’ll tell the code.
– Use the code to the passcode near the northwest exit.
– Follow the path to exit the hospital.


– Lower the bridge through the machine to the west.
– Drive the car to the south of hospital. Climb to reach to the other side.

– Clone #61 is nearby.
– Enter the white building to get a red jen pixel pet collectible.

– Clone #62 is on the cliff after you exit this “area”.
– There is a star boy sunglasses collectible in the “quicksand” to the northeast.
– Take key in the middle area of the “quicksand”.
– Enter the crane and destroy the wall.
Demolition Man
Break a wall with the wrecking ball.

– Head to the east exit.
– Climb the huge tower.
– Drop your pops (default is 1 button).
– Use umbrella to reach the other side.

– Lower the bridge and pick up your pops.

– Head to the south area. It’s a stealth section – as long as you are not in the soldiers’ line of sight, you’ll be fine. Clone #63 is nearby.

– A space wizard action figure collectible is on the car to the far east. Watch out for the soldiers.
– Clone #64 is hanging on the tree near the northeast exit.
Master Clone Rescuer
Rescue 64 duct tape clones.

– Enter the church.

– Pick up the casette.
– Climb on the cross in to the north to pick up a white, convertible, die-cast car collectible.

– Drop down to the graveyard.

– Graveyard


– Clone #65 is to the northwest area.
– Break the bottle in the grave on the west side to find clone #66.
– Jump over the area from the northwest corner..

– Pick up the casette.
– A scratched baby doll collectible is to the east.
Master Collector
Find all 64 collectables.

– Return to the west area to pick up flowers.
– Return to your pops.
Pops’ Last Request
Bring Pops to Maud’s grave.

– Head to the north exit.

Boss fight
This one is easy. Wait until the enemy break the graves and leave the middle statue exposed. When it’s trying to shoot the statue, set up the shield in the middle statue so that it will reflect the attack.


– Pick up everything in the red truck.
– Head upstairs, to the northwest area. Clone #67 is there.
– Put the ingredients in the brown barrel.
– Head upstairs the grey barrel and use your umbrella to get to the other side.
– Clone #68 and a duplicate collectible, star boy sunglasses, is here.
– Throw the balloon-covered hooch that you picked up from the truck from this side. If you do it from the switch, it will push the bridge down and a cutscene will be triggered.
– Patch the wooden barrel. You just need to jump and press F on the holes.

– Throw the hooch-covered balloon to the enemies. Focus on the enemies before plugging the holes.
Tower Defender
Protect the mega batch.

The next one is a long one. Just keep on hitting the enemy while dodging the obstacles.

Boss fight
Pick up the tinfoil hat and equip it (default is 1 button). There will be a text of “Int BobLives 0” and “Int JenkinsLives 1”. The “0” and “1” can be pushed around, so do that. Push the “0” to “Int BobLives” and the “1” to “Int JenkinsLives”.

Death Defier
Bring Bob back from the dead.

Hometown Hero
Save Single Valley.

– The tanker valve is near the truck’s back tire. Turn it on.

By aquatorrent

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