Man of the House: Christmas Special 100%

A list of correct choices to obtain 100% completion (perfect ending) for Man of the House – Christmas Special


Before Dinner
Alright, what should I do first?
  • Check on Ashley.
  • Check on Veronica. <<<
  • Check on Claire.
Just to please you, master…
  • Praise her.
  • Scold her. <<<
Anyway, what should I do next?
  • Check on Ashley. <<<
  • Check on Claire.
What do you think about the tree?
  • Oh, it’s absolutely beautiful!
  • It’s alright, I guess… <<<
What should I do?
  • Check on Veronica.
  • Check on Claire. <<<
What should I do next?
  • Check on Ashley.
  • Check on Veronica. <<<
Would you like a taste?
  • Sure!
  • That depends… <<<
After Dinner
What should I get her? (Ashley)
  • A Vodka Red Bull.
  • A glass of red wine. <<<
I have a message from Ashley…
  • Read the message. <<<
  • Finish the drinks first.
What would she like? (Veronica)
  • A Manhattan. <<<
  • A rum and coke.
What will I give her? (Claire)
  • A gin and tonic.
  • An Irish Coffee. <<<
What should I do?
  • Go to Claire’s rom.
  • Go to your room. <<<

By ThisIsCovy

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