Make Your Kingdom: How to Add Custom Names for Villagers

Just a simple guide to customize name generation for your population.


Access Game Local Files

Locate the directory as listed below via your file browser:

steamapps\common\Make Your Kingdom\Make your Kingdom_Data\data\localization


Go to game properties on steam and browse the file location

Identify Your Language File

In the case of English you’ll see a file entitled

1 En-en

Chinese –

2 zh-Ch

Russian –

3 Ru-ru

French –

4 Fr-fr


You are looking for the Excel file, not the .csv
Open The file.

Edit the Preset Names

Beginning on line 211 of the excel document (on the En-en) version, you’ll find a list of predetermined names that will be assigned to your population.

Change the names in

Column B

Save the document.

Reload your game.


At time of writing this the edit was tested and working for me. I recommend creating a backup of the file you wish to edit in the event that it causes issues with your game. I am not responsible for issues that arise from the editing of your game files. In the event that you encounter an error, attempt to revert the changes or run a validation of your steam files.

Thanks to Mythie Bear for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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