Magicite: How to Download Old Versions for Stable Multiplayer

This guide will help you through the process of downloading old versions of Magicite.



This guide will help you through the process of using DepotDownloader[] to download old versions of Magicite. If you want to play multiplayer, you can use this guide to revert to older, more stable versions of the game considering the latest version (2.0) is a buggy mess in multiplayer. The process is very simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Step 1

Download the latest version of DepotDownloader from GitHub
On this page, scroll down and click on the .zip file under “assets” to download DepotDownloder.

Step 2

After downloading, locate the file in your downloads folder, right click and extract it.

Step 3

Open the extracted folder. Inside this folder hold shift and right click to access the “Open PowerShell window here” option.

Step 4

In PowerShell you will enter a command to download a specific version of Magicite.

dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 268750 -depot 268751 -manifest [manifest] -username [your steam username] -password [your steam password]

Replace “[manifest]” with your desired magicite version’s manifest. Below I have included a manifest for every previous public version of the game.

For stable(ish) multiplayer I recommend version 1.6

(all versions have bugs, but any version other than 2.0 will be better for multiplayer, 1.5 may be less buggy than 1.6 but I’m not sure. Try a different version if you’re having problems with one)[/spoiler]

Manifest List
  • v0.7.2 …… 9222708056088824179
  • v0.7.3 …… 2233947044211990403
  • v0.7.4 …… 3781600089777583235
  • v0.7.5 …… 3202903019196458868
  • v0.7.9 …… 3946286052032289602
  • v0.8 ……… 8960476990992364952
  • v0.9 ……… 2337586118496759590
  • v1.0 ……… 7591877666824565926
  • v1.1 ……… 7507297864039426483
  • v1.1.5 …… 5323093267784718625
  • v1.2 ……… 8506521119433080626
  • v1.2.5 …… 3164888728953311246
  • v1.3 ……… 4778898592977550514
  • v1.4 ……… 4764387490451293107
  • v1.4.5 …… 283712991213253623
  • v1.5 ……… 5547729383002104333
  • v1.6 ……… 4929923876853045082

    Latest Version

  • v2.0 ……… 5908306246876234228

You will also replace “[your steam username]” with your steam username, obviously, as well as your password for the password input.

After executing the command, if you have steam guard enabled you will have to enter your steam guard code.

Step 5

Download Magicite

After downloading, a new folder will have been created

Inside the “depots” folder, “268751” folder and following folder, you should see the Magicite game files.

Step 6

At this point you have downloaded your desired version of Magicite and there are no further essential steps. The next steps will go through the process of re-positioning the folder and adding the game version to the steam library.

You may freely move the game files to wherever you find convenient (the “.DepotDownloader” folder is not part of the game files so you do not need it).

To add the game version to your steam library, go to your library and at the bottom left select the “add a game” button.

Select “Add a Non-Steam Game…”
An “Add a Game” window should appear. At the bottom, click “browse” and locate the folder where you’ve kept the Magicite version. Select “Magicite” and click “open.” Then select “Add Selected Programs” to add it to your library.

You can change the name of the game by right clicking it on the sidebar in the library and selecting “properties” in the dropdown bar. You will then be able to edit the name. You can also add a custom logo or background by right clicking on the empty background.


You have downloaded an old version of Magicite! You can now get your friends together and play a less buggy version of the game.

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