Magical Waifus Academy Cheat Codes (How to Enable)

Here are all Cheat Codes for Magical Waifus Academy.


Cheat Codes
Pressing “enter”, then typing one of these cheat codes, then pressing “enter” again will
result in one of the corresponding effect. You’ll hear a light moan if the cheat was
entered correctly.

time : Advance time by 1 unit.
expcometome : Gain a ton of Arcana.
ouijeleveux : Unlocks the gallery.
deku : Become OP, impress Saki the hellhound.
dragon : Skip a quest requirement for the last boss.
dispel : Skip a quest requirement for the last boss .
noboss : In conjunction with “dragon” unlocks the final boss reward in the gallery. Skips
all the last dungeon story bits.
nextplz : Skips the story up to the last dungeon.
pixelfun : Makes all the students except Saki the hellhound do lewd stuff. Unlocks the
possibility to advance Saki’s lewd meter.
exam: Skip all exams (that’s a real cheat sheet!).
better : Become slightly better.

Cheat codes are case sensitive.
The use of cheat codes does not appear to prohibit Achievement unlocks.

Check out the following pdf located within the game files for additional information, lore, and to see all available cheat codes;
“…\steamapps\common\Magical Waifus Academy\Additionnal material\My Diairy and a monstergirl bestiairy.pdf”

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