Magical Girl Celesphonia: Crisis Mode Heroine

This guide is in progress, this is a fresh account in crisis mode with corruption and “achievements”, and the gameplay is over 20h.


Crisis Mode Heroine

1. Crisis Mode rules in the game

  • You need +5~8 levels over enemy if you want do backstab attack
  • Aprox is +100% hp over normal mode
  • Enemies dont more arousal damage
  • Eat souls is +100% over purify, and you will need craft a lot
  • Only there are achievement by Very Hard, do Crisis isnt

From my jp save

2. Building the Character

The build is focused fire magic, the more important here is focus agi and matk
Select your first magic: Tender Heal

3. First dungeon dailie routine

Buy everything in the store: Restore MP
Buy the gym clothes in the station’s store
Do exercise in the school, increase agi+1 daily, you need repeat aprox 10 times
You need money, photo session

4. First dungeon

This is the most slow dungeon in this mode, usually over 2h
– 1 day, use your mp recover items with slimes 1vs1, retreat if is 1vs2, usually your will return at house at lvl3
– 2 day, buy the fire spell and in the map1 with slimes, Flare Blossom is effective, usually, you will return at house at lvl5
With ancient coins buy the Misfortune Ring in the train station and equip the magic Exploration
– 3 day, play in the second map vs Dust Eater, Flare Blossom is effective, return at house at lvl6
wear the Blazing ring, is a must
– 4 day, play in pre the pool zone vs Anemone, if you burn with Flare Blossom and they do grip attack you can wait and save mp (they receive dot and your arousal, a good trade)
You need do a sacrifice, run in the pool zone and increase your miasma over 50, returning at house there is a event
You need do a sacrifice, eat monster souls increasing corruption, buy the engram “craft gear” and craft assault “Assault Gear”
Late you can clean your excess corruption in the magic*salve
– 5 day, Play before the boss room, Gloom Hound is weak at Innocent Arrow
By your corruption level you can craft corruption gear and spells
Craft in the normal zone the Sunblade sword
– 6 day, farm, you need lvl9 and the 2nd fire spell tome before the boss
-7 day, the boss, burn everything with firewall!!!
This is my suggestion engram setting (innocent rage learns with the boss)

5. Preparation 2nd dungeon

Now you need more gear and need more SL

  • Go to Magic*Salve early, eat souls
  • Use the Magic*Salve services and return at your normal corruption level
  • The Swimsuit is in your house, pool is only HP up, skip it
  • Turn off the magical doll, you don’t want spend Souls and good grade is useless
  • Learn the engram craft tier II, and target a new armor; Magus or Sensitive
  • In weapon select a weapon target, Sunblade II is very useful
  • Very important evade the Ed. Teacher events!!!
  • Return at first dungeon boss map, there is a hidden secret room

6. Second Dungeon

This is easy, burn everyone and anything with the firewall (Ignis Bullet) and dont fight vs firebats guys
You can farm and increase level, you will drink a lot of mp recovery items.
Finishing the dungeon, you can learn electricity II engram, is a great passive boost with +10% agi and you can attack at firebats guys
this is a gear option

Out the dungeon, In the Netherward your can buy Ominous Card, it has a nice effect in the train and love potion by more fun in the house

7. Preparation at 3th dungeon

Farm and unlock skills, you need stats, engram and gear
There are side quests, farming quests, everything
Usually this is the most fun chapter, here you can unlock a lot of “achievements”

9. Middle game farm souls

With corruption lvl1 there are ugly options

  • In the corrupt library, learn s*men convertion engram, you will receive souls by sexual activities
  • You need Lust upagrade I or II, You can buy ovulation potion and get pregnant, Memorie can exchange your baby soul by 20 souls (creepy)

In normal the farm is very very easy, you can attack backstab and receive the rewards, in crisis farm is slow and you will need a lot of souls in craft gear/weapons

Thanks to redscizor for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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