LunarLux: Code For Red Chest

In this guide I’ll show u the location and code for open the red chest   Code for the red chest Copernicus this is the red chest in copernicus, u will find it at the right of the cafe The code is 1 up 2 right 3 down 4 left 5 right Code for the … Read more

LunarLux: Lucky Event/Shooting Star Locations

Where to find all the shooting star events throughout Luna   What are Lucky Events? You may come across posts on the various BBS about a stargazing club telling you where you can find shooting stars. You’re able to go to these locations and after waiting several seconds high in the sky with your jet … Read more

LunarLux: Number Trader EXE Codes

Collection of Number Trader EXE Codes, will be updated as more are gathered.   Introduction In Lunarlux, you’ve probably noticed how there’s a code machine called the Number Trader EXE. From playing the game, talking to NPCs, and generally spamming the A-button, the game tells you 6 digit codes. You can use these codes to … Read more