LunarLux: Lucky Event/Shooting Star Locations

Where to find all the shooting star events throughout Luna


What are Lucky Events?

You may come across posts on the various BBS about a stargazing club telling you where you can find shooting stars. You’re able to go to these locations and after waiting several seconds high in the sky with your jet suit, press your interact button to have make Tetra note the shooting star.

These lucky events give you a bonus that allows the next item, with the exception of skill boosters and neural links, you pick up to be worth double.



Put on your jet suit and fly to the top of Regolithia to await your first shooting star.


Grab your jet suit head to the top of Tycho’s map and wait for this lucky event to come your way.

Silica Rifts

Make your way to Silica Colony to put on a jet suit, and fly left to the Silica Rifts. Head to the sky overlooking the Memorial Cliffs and you’ll find the next shooting star.


Head to the Harmonia Reef section of Oceanus and put on your jet suit to find this shooting star.

Mt. Piton

This one’s an optional area, the highest point on Luna. You’ll have to make your way up the mountain normally first to turn on the power for the jet pad before you can put on your suit. With that taken care of, fly to the peak and claim the last shooting star.

How should I claim these bonuses?

If you want to maximize your profit, take note of any JACKPOT pick ups around the game and save before claiming any lucky events or picking them up. Some of them can include thousands of bytes of a bunch of skill points. It’s not a huge loss if you don’t make a big profit off the Lucky Events, but it can help you afford more things as you’re running through the game. You could also choose to use them on Shield or HP upgrades if you think you’d need them or really want to max out your character’s growth. Big thank you to my friend Grammar541 for providing me images to use for the guide.

Thanks to DocTurtle for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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