Lucifer Within Us: Graveyard Case Guide

A bullet point checklist to solve the Graveyard Case in Lucifer Within Us, earning all related case achievements. Spoilers!



This guide will take you step-by-step through the Graveyard case.
If you are hoping to solve the puzzles, this will spoil them.
It shouldn’t reveal too much about the plot….
In general:

  • Start by collecting physical evidence (highlighted objects around the scene)
  • Listen to each suspect’s testimony in full
  • Return to suspects to contradict and ask key questions
  • Once you have found all physical evidence, psychological evidence and contradictions, Speed through asking about each part of testimony and evidence to complete the achievements.

Physical Evidence

All physical evidence items–

  • Headstone—big grand headstone to right of your starting point
  • Sickle—at the grand headstone
  • Statue of Saint Walpurga – giant statue in middle of graveyard
  • Aether Scanner – tablet looking screen on grave mound, at bottom right of graveyard
  • Victim’s Body – in empty grave in top right corner of graveyard
  • ?????? – On ground in top right corner of graveyard, under a bush
  • Surgical Multitool – on ground at foot of the stairway in top right corner of graveyard
  • Muddy Footprint—leading from bottom of stairway into Morgue
  • Shovel – hanging on wall in far right room of Morgue
  • Nerissa’s Workstation — desk in main room of morgue
  • Bouquet – on floor next to Nerissa’s Workstation
  • Bloody liver – on table next to corpse
  • Embalmed Body – the bloody sheet-covered body in middle of morgue
  • Embalmed Liver – uncovered by asking Nerissa about the victim’s body

Psychological and Spiritual Evidence (Interrogation)

Before starting interrogation, listen to all three suspects in full.

Start with Augustine:

  • Contradict “Arrive for Funeral” with Graveyard Schedule
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Augustine has Admiration
  • Contradict “Stroll” with “Aether Scanner”
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Augustine has Disappointment

Move to Abraham

  • Contradict “Tend Bushes” with “Talk to Abraham” from Nerissa’s testimony
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Abraham has Integrity
  • Contradict “Rest on Bench” with Sickle
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Abraham has Grief
  • Contradict “Head toward Benches” with “Observe Abraham” from Augustine’s testimony
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Abraham is a Last Scion

Move to Nerissa

  • If you have not already, Ask Nerissa about the Victim’s Body to gain the Embalmed Liver physical evidence.
  • Contradict “Prepare Body” with “See Nerissa talk to Issac” from Augustine’s testimony
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Nerissa is a Famine Survivor
  • Contradict “Take Issac to Exit” with “Take Break” from Abraham’s testimony. This will spot a contradiction in evidence
  • Contradict “Finish Preparations” with Bloody Liver
  • Enter Sanctum, Learn Nerissa is a Carnivore
  • Contradict “Look for Multitool” with Muddy Footprints
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Nerissa is a Cannibal

You can now approach each suspect to “Ask” about every person, piece of physical evidence, psychological evidence, and testimonial component to earn an achievement.


Who did it? Do the following:

  • Accuse Nerissa
  • Means — Surgical Multitool
  • Opportunity — Show Bouquet and Search Outside
  • Motive — Cannibalism
  • Daemon — Beelzebub the Gluttonous

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