Lost Chapter: All Classes and Choices to Start

All the starting classes and the choices that lead to them.



1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
1 – Success
1 – Gave Up
1 – Take Action
2 – Peace
2 – Failed
2 – Help Someone
3 – Love
3 – Stolen
3 – Find More


This section shows each class you can start with, what their effects are, and what combination of choices (using the table above) you can use to obtain them.

For example, if you wanted to start with the Votive Offering class, you can use “112” or “213”. These mean that when you start the game your first choice can either be the first option “I desired success” or the second option “I desired peace“, your second choice for both combinations is the first option “I gave up on everything“, and your final choice can be either the second option “I will help someone right away” or “I will find more people to meet“.

Devil’s Servant

[Gold +200 G] [Faith +10] [Virtue -10]
111, 212

Forgotten Martyr

[Faith +15] [Virtue +15] [Natal Pray: Draw 2 cards (This can be used 3 times per turn)]
321, 332

Hero of the Future

[Max RP -5] [STR/DEF/MAG/AGL +1]
113, 211

Knowledge Seeker

[Mag +3] [Faith -10]
322, 333

Loyal Knight

[DEF +2] [Hynel Defensor: +2X your current DEF and protection from being confused for 1 turn]
123, 131, 221, 232, 311


[Rare Drop Rate +5%]
121, 132, 222, 233, 312

Pure Girl

[Lewd 0]
323, 331

Soldier of the Wastelands

[Max LP +5] [STR/DEF +1]
122, 133, 223, 231, 313

Votive Offering

[Max LP +5] [Max RP +10] [Faith +15]
112, 213

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