Lords of Infinity: Aetoria Club Activities Guide

Guide for the activities possible in Aetoria   Basic about stats: This game uses choicescrypt fairmath, while it reduces from the actual amount, it adds based on how much that amount lacks from 100. You lose little when low, a lot when high. Gain little when high, a lot when low. Examples: 30 + %10=37 … Read more

Lords of Infinity: Sergeant and Lieutenant Autonomies

About Sergeant autonomy and Lieutenant autonomy: a hidden stats gained in Guns with a few effects in Lords and a lot of potential for War of Infinity Stgauto and Ltauto in Guns They are hidden stats that unlock a few better results and options in Guns and can be gained in the following way: Way … Read more

Lords of Infinity: Army Reform Commission Guide

A Guide on how to achieve different outcomes in Army Reform Commission.   Introduction There are a few variations and outcomes that need to be understood before you can effectively use this guide. 1. Most important variation is whether in previous game you participated in the Secret Mission (SM) or Second Battle of Kharangia (2K). These two will … Read more

Lords of Infinity: Antari Refugees Guide

A guide only for chapter 2b for now, if i have time will add other chapter of the estate path   Chapter 2b: Antari Refugees In the second chapter of the estate path, one will have to deal with Antari refugess by sheltering all, a few or none of them. Action Integration Other effects Food … Read more

Lords of Infinity: Estate and Debt Mechanics Guide

Guide for estate and debt related mechanics and stats.   Tenants and Rent Your most important estate resource are your tenants, or more specifically the rent they pay. This rent begins at 3 per tenant, or 4 if in Wulfram, and can be increased, maintained or decreased. Rent Effect in chapter 1 Effect in chapter … Read more