Lords of Infinity: Sergeant and Lieutenant Autonomies

About Sergeant autonomy and Lieutenant autonomy: a hidden stats gained in Guns with a few effects in Lords and a lot of potential for War of Infinity

Stgauto and Ltauto in Guns

They are hidden stats that unlock a few better results and options in Guns and can be gained in the following way:

Way to gain it
In the first chapter (non disgraced MC only): by agreeing and follow the Sergeant suggestion.
In the third chapter: sending a detachment to hold the bridge
In the forth chapter:by letting the sergeant take over training
In the forth chapter:by letting the Lieutenant take over training
In the forth chapter (with 45 charisma): call a staff meeting
(gain only if the stat is not at 0 before the choice)
In the forth chapter: take over training yourself
In the forth chapter:leave things as they are
In the fifth chapter(non forlorn hope), only with Sergeant Lanzerel or Harlech:
keep the men in column and then order skirmish
In the sixth chapter: by supporting the duel and Blaylock victory
In the seventh chapter: by going east and showing off “where my men and I fought”.
In the eighth chapter:by supporting Sandoral attendance to the salons)

Those in the same chapter are mutually exclusive.

Stgauto and Ltauto in Lords

in chapter 3c: sgtauto >= 2 gives a better result to a choice.
in chapter 7: ltauto >= 2 with a non disgraced MC get %+5 discipline and morale of the First squadron
in chapter 7: sgtauto >= 2 together with >= 65 discipline in Guns result in 35 of starter discipline instead of 30.
in chapter 7: ltauto >= 2 results in %+5 in all stats of the Second squadron

Potential of Stgauto and Ltauto in Wars

While the importance of those stats in Lords was minimal, in Wars they should be even more important than in Guns as the lack of commanders and your higher rank elevates gives great importance to your subordinates that are now in positions of command themselves, positions were autonomy is a necessity.

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