Little Witch in the Woods: Upgrades and Main Story

Materials and gold needed for upgrades and parts of the main questline


Personal Recommendations

To start, i am new to guides so apologies if I’ve done it wrong.
There also may be spoilers in some areas

Some recommendations I’d make while playing are to not hoard materials too much at the start as you will run out of bag and storage space fairly quickly.

Materials I would recommending hoarding are:
– Branches
– Pieces of Stone
– Mud
This is because you need a lot for upgrades

I’d also recommend Maple Herbs, Witch Flower and Squishycub Fur (purely for when you want to make coins from potions as majority of the time they will ask for healing candy and curse-lifting candy.)

Bag Upgrade Costs

For bag upgrades you talk to Aurea, who will be in the village

First Upgrade: 250 Gold
Second Upgrade: 400 Gold
Third Upgrade: 900 Gold
Final Upgrade: 2000 Gold

Expand Storage

[NOTE: This is still in progress as I haven’t fully upgraded yet, if anyone has more to add please let me know :D]

First Expansion: 250 Gold Coins, 20 Branches, 5 Pieces of Rock
Second Expansion: 300 Gold Coins, 25 Branches, 10 Pieces of Rock

Tool Upgrades

[NOTE This part is also not complete as I’m still working on it, if you have info to add let me know]

Level 0 to 1: 70 Luna Coins, 12 Branches, 6 Pieces of Rock
Level 1 to 2: 140 Luna Coins, 24 Branches, 12 Pieces of Rock, 6 Mud

Level 0 to 1: 70 Luna Coins, 12 Branches, 6 Pieces of Rock, 6 Mud
Level 1 to 2:

Witch’s Pot
Level 0 to 1: 100 Luna Coins, 16 Branches, 8 Pieces of Rock, 8 Mud
Level 1 to 2:

Main Quest

For all recipes from Diane you will need 40 Luna Coins.

At some point, a character named Kent will appear and ask 2 questions;
– What is the name of the village?
– How many people live there?
(I don’t think it really matters if you answer incorrectly)

Potions you’ll need for the puzzle:

1 x Nutrition Potion

  • 2 x Silver Starbell Pollen
  • 2 x Maple Herb
  • 2 x Bush Bug

1 x Weed Terminator Potion

  • 2 x Squishycub Fur
  • 2 x Witchflower

Roy’s House:

  • Flower Shop Blueprint – 500 Gold Coins from Aurea
  • 35 x Branch
  • 14 x Piece of Rock
  • 10 x Piece of Mud


  • 10 x Branch
  • 10 x Piece of Rock
  • 10 x Mud



NOTE: For collecting the Little Mandrake, I’d suggest bringing some Earmuff Potion; the Mandrakes will cry when you pull them out, causing you to be stunned which will make it difficult to collect them.



I am missing one Candy recipe so it isn’t included in this guide just yet 🙂

Thanks to Furby for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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