Little Nightmares II Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

Here is a full walkthrough with 100% achievement guide for Little Nightmares II game.



00:00 – Chapter 1
03:03 – Glitching Remains
04:26 – Glitching Remains
05:28 – Achievement Evasive prey
05:40 – Achievement What’s in the box?!
05:51 – Hat
09:40 – DLC Hat
12:40 – Glitching Remains
16:35 – Hat
20:08 – Achievement Fair Prey
23:44 – Glitching Remains + Achievement Wild Kids
23:57 – Achievement Foraged

24:00 – Chapter 2
25:42 – Glitching Remains
27:54 – Glitching Remains
28:06 – Hat
28:17 – Achievement Referee!
28:59 – Achievement Fly Free
32:40 – Glitching Remains
33:11 – Achievement Bully of Bullies
37:20 – Achievement Merciful feat
39:19 – Hat
41:35 – Glitching Remains
43:57 – Glitching Remains
51:27 – Achievement Mono Tones
58:12 – Glitching Remains + Achievement School Kids
58:31 – Achievement True Colours
1:00:00 – Achievement Schooled

1:00:05 – Chapter 3
1:02:13 – Glitching Remains
1:02:55 – Achievement Hunger
1:04:49 – Achievement X Best Friends
1:05:17 – Hat + Achievement Half hat
1:06:22 – Achievement Toys Are For Kids
1:07:34 – Glitching Remains
1:10:04 – Achievement …And Stay Dead!
1:11:07 – Achievement Popcorn
1:14:40 – Achievement Objection
1:15:00 – Glitching Remains
1:16:05 – Glitching Remains + Achievement Sick Kids
1:18:07 – Achievement Medicine ball
1:27:08 – Hat
1:33:10 – Achievement First do no harm
1:33:15 – Achievement Hospitalised

1:33:20 – Chapter 4
1:33:56 – Glitching Remains
1:37:58 – Glitching Remains
1:38:38 – Glitching Remains
1:47:27 – Hat
1:48:45 – Glitching Remains + Achievement Pale Kids + Achievement No More Remains
1:49:08 – Achievement Unladylike
1:53:08 – Achievement Post Industrial
1:56:32 – Hat
2:08:26 – Achievement Paled

2:08:35 – Chapter 5
2:22:00 – Achievement Far Ahead + Achievement Signal interruption

2:23:05 – Collecting Last Achievements
2:23:16 – Achievement Twenty-Six
2:23:44 – Achievement In The Palm Of My Hand
2:23:52 – Achievement How Do I Look? + Achievement Primetime Content Consumer


100% Achievement Text Guide

Chapter achievements
These achievements automatically unlock as you progress in the game. They cannot be avoided.


Nature is a terrifying thing.

Finish chapter 1.


Best days of our short, terrible life.

Finish chapter 2.

True Colors

You never know when you need protection from the elements

After the school chapter, enter a rainy weather and find Six’s iconic raincoat on the way.


Are you sure you don’t need any further… treatments?

Finish chapter 3.


Life in the big city is all over.

Finish chapter 4.

Signal Interruption

It’s all over now.

Finish chapter 5.

Collectables’ achievements
These achievements unlock as you find collectables in the game. Like in Little Nightmares 1 having nomes and lady statues, Little Nightmares 2’s collectables are glitched children and hats for Mono.

Hat achievements:

Half Hat

It would be cliché to collect them all.

Unlock half of the collectable hats.

Far Ahead

Hat are very important to some people.

Unlock all of the collectable hats.

Locations for all hats comming soon.

Glitched children achievements:

Wild Kids

Nothing of us remains in the wilderness.

Interact with all of the glitched children in chapter 1.

School Kids

Nothing of us remains at the school.

Interact with all of the glitched children in chapter 2.

Sick Kids

Nothing of us remains in the hospital.

Interact with all of the glitched children in chapter 3.

Pale Kids

Nothing of us remains in the pale city.

Interact with all of the glitched children in chapter 4.

No More Remains

Nothing of us remains anywhere. Bravo!

Interact with all of the glitched children across all the chapters.

Locations for all glitched children comming soon

All other achievements are secret, things only a curious player achieves. They require curiousness and exploration.

Evasive Prey

Not today!

Chapter 1
Reach the hunter’s house without dying once. You can die of traps or fall damage.

What’s In The Box?

What did you expect to see in there?

Chapter 1
When entering the Hunter’s house, in the kitchen, open the fridge.

Fair Play

It’s not murder if they’re bad people… is it?

Chapter 1
Wear the skunk hat for the entire duration of chapter 1 (since when you unlock it in one of the rooms in the Hunter’s house).

Chapter 2
Walk inside of the goal using the Ball hat, that you find on that same park.

Fly Free
Chapter 2
Find a paper airplane in the kids’ room full of toys shortly after entering the school, and throw it out of the open window.

Merciful Feat
Chapter 2
Have mercy on the tied up child with the white cone nome-like head that’s drawing after you exit the elevator. Sneak past him, take the pipe and hurry away.

Bully Of Bullies
Chapter 2
When getting seen by the teacher while she’s teaching the porcelin children in the classroom, she will send them after you if she can’t catch you herself using her neck. Head to the right, making the shelf fall by climbing it and jump off as to not crush yourself. Crush the children instead.

Mono Tones
Chapter 2
Come across a piano (not the teachers piano but a tied one before), and walk across it until the achievement unlocks. Similar to Six’s song in LN1.

Chapter 3
Keep on pulling the soda vending machine until you get the achievement. You will need to pull it 6 times (pun probably intended).

X Best Friends
Chapter 3
Preform an X-ray with Six, holding hands.

Toys Are For Kids
Chapter 3
Still unknown which or how many toys you need to burn and if you have to X-ray them beforehand, I tried myself and didn’t get the achievement. If you did, feel free to help out in the comments below! Assumption: Burn a specific toy or an X amount of toys.

Chapter 3
Find the corn after you powered the left gate that only took 1 fuse. In that first room, you’ll find the corn. Take it to the furnace and burn it.

…And Stay Dead!
Chapter 3
Hit the freaky hand at least 3 times after you’ve already killed it.

Chapter 3
At your checkpoint in the bathroom right before the hallway of hands, there is a plate with cheese on it and an eye drawn on the wall above it. Take the cheese to a “hole”, that’s located not forward towards the hallway, but rather behind. In the gate that’s blocking you from going backward, there’s a little hole to slip through. There, on the left wall, is a slightly open door. That’s where the hole is, feed it the cheese and get the achievement.

Medicine Ball
Chapter 3
After the intense escape from the mannequins in the dark room, you’ll find yourself almost back to the start where left left off Six. In the room with the chair and scribbled dark circle on the wall, find a ball and throw it into the mannequins’ hands.

First Do No Harm
Chapter 3
Similar to Merciful Feat, do not burn the doctor.

Post Industrial
Chapter 4

Unlady Like
Chapter 4
Break the lady statue.

How Do I Look?
Chapter 5
After finishing the game, put on the Thin Man’s hat in the hats menu.

Prime Time Content Consumer
The achievement all of us achievement hunters wish to get. Complete the game with all of the achievements done, to earn this last achievement.

Obtainable at any time achievements
These achievements you can get at any point in the game, out of any order, without needing to be in any certain place.

Twenty Six

Relax, she heard you!

Yell at/call for Six 26 times.

In The Palm Of My Hand

Hold tight and we’ll be just fine.

Hold hands with Six for a total of Six full minutes.

Credit to Ivy

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