Lily’s Well: The Complete Guide (Tips & Solutions)

Gives tips and solutions in case you’re stuck.
The Complete Guide is made in a way that avoids spoiling the entire game.



Warning! This guide contains tips and spoilers about the game, so only go to chapters that interest you and are near your progression.

Only use this guide if you’re stuck, and cannot find a solution.
This guide will first provide you with tips, that bring you closer to the solution. If you still can’t find what to do, the solution will be provided.
The Complete Guide is made in a way that avoids spoiling the entire game.

You can select the chapter you want at the right of this guide.


This guide will me filled with more infos as the time goes on, the goal being to make it a complete guide to the game, containing every needed tip and solution.

If some infos are incorrect or if you want to add infos, please comment! 🙂

Guide order

The guide is ordered: the lower you go in the guide (the lower the chapters are), the later in the game those tips are for. If you’re pretty far but you’re unsure wether or not you missed something, try starting at the top of the guide (else, you might spoil yourself or miss important elements).

Early to midgame tips

This section gives useful but non-spoiling infos for your first minutes to your first hours of game. Only look at the guide if you’re stuck, else, you’ll ruin your game experience. Go tip by tip, and search yourself between each one.

Your goal is to get inside the well.
You know it’s pretty deep, so your goal is to craft ropes with materials that you find in the map.
Not all materials are considered “good rope material”. Use your common sense to decide wether or not a material is strong enough to support your weight.

Start by searching inside your house, interact with every object that you can. Look at them, and take them if you think they could be useful.
Tip: Once you grab a rope material, you cannot discard it! Choose wisely.

After you’ve explored the well

Now that you’ve explored the well and died, you wake up.

Dead End… now what ?
There still is plenty of things to try…

Was your rope strong enough?
If not, then don’t take that weak material.
TIP: Having only one weak material will break your rope.

Try to search for more rope materials. Going outside might be a good idea.
Try interacting with decoration, objects, everything.

The following sections will give you tips about some areas of the map. It is recommended to play by yourself and check it only if you’re stuck.

House – early to midgame tips and solutions

Try interacting with every object in the house.

TIP 1: There’s a key in the kitchen, but you cannot reach it… could there by a way to..?

TIP 2: Have you seen prisonners escape from prison? Some of them use something from their room to escape by the window. TV isn’t life, but maybe you could try to replicate them?

TIP 3: Search in drawers, you might find useful things.

TIP 4: Search around the sofa, that’s often where we lose things

Solution for TIP 1: Move the stool/chair near the key, then interact with the stool. If it gets stuck, exit the kitchen and go back to it.

Solution for TIP 2: Take the bed sheets of your bed.

Solution for TIP 3: Go to Papa’s room, and search his wardrobe, you should find Papa’s belts, they might make a good rope. Once you’re there, you might want to search a little further nearby. Looks like there is a vault too, and it needs 6 digits… you should take note of that.

Partial solution for TIP 4: Interact with the sofa and do the “Take” action. You might find some useful objects. Interacting in different places on the sofa will give you different items.

With all that, you should make a little trip to the well, unless you want to search for more items inside the house or outside?

Garden – early to midgame tips

Beautiful flowers, lovely place, isn’t it?

TIP 1: The door to the shelter is locked. There might be a way to open it somewhere.

TIP 2: Looks like there is something in the top right of the screen. Yea, that’s shears. They could be useful.

TIP 3: Take a look at the memorial. Something seems to be written in an unknown language (or is it?).

TIP 1 – More infos: You might find a key somewhere. They’re often kept inside a house.

Rope Swing Area – early to midgame tips and solutions

TIP 1: There is a tire swing… What is it held by…?

TIP 1 – More infos: Find something to take the rope of that swing. Search in the garden.

TIP 1 – Solution: Use the shears found in the garden to cut the rope.

Forest – early to midgame tips and solutions

TIP 1: A rock… how would that be useful? Keep that in mind for later.

TIP 2: Vines… there might be some infos about them in a book.

Don’t you feel observed too…? Creepy forest…

TIP 2 – More infos: There is a small library inside the house.

Solution for TIP 2: The vine with the blue dots becomes really solid after being cut.[/spoiler

TIP 3 (TIP 2 needed): Find a way to cut the vine. You might want to check around the garden.

Solution for TIP 3: Cut the blue vine using the shears found in the top right corner of the garden.

Road – early to midgame tips

TIP 1: A mailbox… you should check if you have mail. If not, you should check again later… maybe not in a few minutes, but perhaps in another live?

End of the “early to midgame” section

By now you should have enough playtime, tips/solutions to go a bit further in the game.
You should experiment and search by yourself.

TIP for ropes: having 1 or more bad rope materials will cause you to fall instantly when going in the well. Each good material will add 1 screen worth of rope. Adjusting the number of rope materials you take might be a good idea.

Garden – midgame to near end tips and solutions

This is the start of the “mid-game to near end” section. Check the previous chapters before going here.

Shelter door solution: Go to the kitchen of your house, move the stool/chair and grab the key (check “House – early tips and solutions”). This key will open the shelter door.

Get inside the shelter. You’ll find a bunch of things.

These two tips really aren’t needed because they’re pretty obvious, but hey:
TIP 1: Take the bolt cutters, they’ll be useful.
TIP 2: The spare extension looks solid.

It might be a good thing to remember the TIP 3 of the “Garden – early to midgame tips” chapter.

Bridge – midgame to near end tips and solutions

TIP 1: Take a close look at the bridge. A chain is missing…

TIP 2: The chain might make a good rope, but it is welded… perhaps you could find something to cut it?

Solution for TIP 1: Take a look at the water where the chain is missing. You can see a cave… get there.

TIP 3 (TIP 1 needed): You should try to make a path to the cave…

TIP 3 – More infos: You should put something heavy in the water

Solution for TIP 3: Take the 3 rocks and put them in the water to create a path

Cave – midgame to near end tips and solutions

If you don’t know what is the cave, then GO HIGHER IN THE GUIDE!

TIP 1: Read carefully the birthday card.

TIP 2: Take the knife. You should try using it on differents objects. Remember what you saw.

TIP 3: The net seems pretty solid…

TIP 3 – More infos: Mhh, you could use the net as a rope… find a way to take the net.

TIP 1 – More infos: Happy birthday to… Lily? But… that you!

TIP 1 – More infos: Your birthdate is July 20th, 1984

TIP 1 – Even more infos: People that care about you remember your birthdate, and can even use them as codes.

You got enough tips! Think!

Solution for TIP 3: Use the bolt cutters to cut the net.

TIP 1 – Even more infos: “6 digits”

TIP 1 – Even more infos: Format: MM/DD/YY

Solution for TIP 1: Your birthdate is July 20th, 1984. Go to your house. Inside the wardrobe of Papa, there is a vault. Format: MM/DD/YY -> 07/20/84 so the password is 072084.

House – midgame to near end tips and solutions

TIP 1: The doors to the pantry are locked by a padlock…

Solution for TIP 1: Use the bolt cutters to cut the padlock.

Looks like there is some food in there…

TIP 2 and old TIP solution: Remember about the sofa from the “House – tips and solutions” chapter? Search at the left of the sofa and get the knitting needles.

Solution for TIP 2: Grab the yarn ball, and then use the knitting needles to make a stronger rope.

Garden – midgame to near end tips and solutions (part 2)

TIP 1: Check the memorial

Solution for TIP 1: Put the weird knife inside the hole of the memorial

TIP 2: hair was used as a bridge, according to a letter from the mailbox… This could be the hair the letter was talking about, but the hair is stuck, find a way to get it.

Solution for TIP 2: Cut some hair using the shears

Midgame to near end briefing

You should have all the keys in your hand.

1 rope material = 1 additional screen inside the well
TIP: Try going into the well with a different amount of rope materials each time. This way, you’ll be able to get to different points in the well.

TIP 2: Each ending gives you a number, take note of that, it might be useful in the future.

TIP 3: Try to get to the bottom of the well

Solution for TIP 3: Pick all the good rope materials by following the previous chapters of the guide. You should have exactly 10 rope materials

Near end

If you didn’t reach the end of the well, go higher in the guide.

Congrats, you’ve reached the end of the well.
You’re now trapped inside the bottom of the well. Find a way to escape.

Solution: Use the bolt cutter to cut the metal bars of the door.

You’re now inside… something..? Investigate.

Inside… – Near end tips and solutions

TIP 1: There is an elevator, but a card is required

TIP 2: Go to the right room, you might be able to find something there

TIP 3: Go to the right room, and look at the bars in the upper part of the screen.

TIP 3 – More infos: Find a way to get the key

Solution for TIP 3: Use the knitting needles to reach the key.

You should have a card now… Get to the elevator.
I’ll let you search by yourself from here… good luck.

End – tips and solutions

Listen, if you’re here, but you didn’t get to the end of the well and didn’t go a bit further after that, then you shouldn’t be here. Don’t spoil yourself.

Make sure you used the elevator, and you went everywhere you could. Check the “Inside… – Near end tips and solutions” chapter if necessary.

So… you made a big discovery… seems like Papa is behind all of that…
Remember about those numbers you collected by going at different heights in the well..? If you didn’t test every height and didn’t get all the 10 achievements from that, then stop reading this, and do them.

Okay, so you’re pretty close to the end now… right? If you did everything correctly, you should have 802-426-2313. What could it be..?

Solution: It’s a phone number!

Solution (you seriously need that?): You should call the number… wasn’t there a phone in your house?

— Secret endings, it is recommended to finish the game first —
chapter title ^ – else, you’ll get spoiled

Alt Ending 2: Car

This ending is basically impossible to guess, and is completely random.

Go to the road area, and run on the road. If nothing happens, when stepping on the road, exit and re-enter the area. Do that continuously until something happens :

A car drives on you. Boom, you’re dead.
Incredible ending.

Alt Ending 3: Animal

  • Unlock the pantry
  • Take the food
  • Give the food to the animal outside in the Forest area
  • Die, start a new iteration
  • Repeat the process.

Each time you do that, the expression of the animal will change. After enough times, the animal won’t be here anymore.

Do that before reading the following lines

When you go in front of its previous location, the animal will jump on you and eat you… that’s what you get for feeding unknown wild animals 🙂

Work In Progress

There’s more to come! Be a bit more patient 🙂

I’ll write the other secret endings soon!
These include:
– Mother
– Ma

I’ll also write about the other secret achievements:
– Unknown Caller
– They Didn’t Pay Him Enough for you to do That
– Unlearned Lesson (not really secret)

Thanks to azalty for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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