Lies of P 100% Save: All Bosses + Level 85

Lies of P is a captivating journey through a richly detailed world filled with mysteries, challenges, and epic battles. As players delve into its depths, they uncover secrets, confront formidable bosses, and ultimately shape their character’s fate. Today, I’m excited to share JAS’s save game.   Lies of P 100% Completed Save File Author: JA … Read more

Lies of P: Two Endings in One Playthrough Guide + Achievements

This is a ‘lie playthrough’ where you can get 2 endings in one playthrough + 39 out of 42 achievements. This walkthrough includes all normal and special weapons, side quests, documents (lore), chests, etc. I’ve divided it into one video for every 2 chapters.   Chapter 1 & 2 Krat Central Station – Krat City … Read more

Lies of P: Full Maps (Demo Version)

Maps for the DEMO version.   Introduction I’m not sure if the demo will become available again, but here’s the maps I made for it back when it was live. Really enjoyed playing and may do the full game when it releases. Krat Central Station Krat Central Station Plaza Hotel Krat Entrance Hotel Krat Elysian … Read more

Lies of P: Stat Breakpoints (Characters Analyzing)

Analyzing the character stats to find the optimal values for each one aka “soft caps”   Intro TL;DR? Pick Motivity or Technique and max it out ASAP, while sometimes dropping a few points into Vitality, Vigor, or Capacity as needed. (Haven’t tested Advance weapon scaling yet tho) Methodology: I created a character of each “class,” took … Read more