Lies of P: Two Endings in One Playthrough Guide + Achievements

This is a ‘lie playthrough’ where you can get 2 endings in one playthrough + 39 out of 42 achievements. This walkthrough includes all normal and special weapons, side quests, documents (lore), chests, etc. I’ve divided it into one video for every 2 chapters.


Chapter 1 & 2 Krat Central Station – Krat City Hall

Puppet’s Saber Blade (1/29)
Greatsword of Fate Blade (2/29)
Wintry Rapier’s Blade (3/29)
Electric Coil Stick Head (4/29)
Krat Police Baton Head (5/29)

Sit (1/17)
Check Ground (2/17)
Show Off Clothes (3/17)
Remembrance (4/17)

Trinity Key – Answer: Human



0:00 Chapter 1 Krat Central Station – Hotel Krat
Normal Weapon Collector Achievement: Collect all normal weapons. (Your first weapon. Mine is Puppet’s Saber Blade 1/29)
2:47 The Ultimate Defense Technique Achievement: Destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard.
3:33 Fatal Blow Achievement: Deliver a successful Fatal Attack.
5:13 Passenger’s Note
6:20 First Mini Boss
9:33 Stargazer’s Guide Achievement: Repair a Stargazer.
13:50 Krat Times Issue 183
23:13 Normal Weapons Greatsword of Fate Blade & Wintry Rapier’s Blade (2,3/29)
24:53 Introducing the Parade Puppet!
25:47 Boss Parade Master Achievement: Kill the Parade Master. After beating him, don’t use your Rare Ergo (Parade Leader’s Ergo), you’ll need it to buy Special Weapons.
31:49 First Lie Achievement: Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance.
39:33 Eugénie Strongest Normal Weapon Achievement: Strengthen a normal weapon to its max level (use moonstones to reach level +10)
43:06 Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide 1
43:44 Learning about Emotions Achievement : Learn all gestures (Gesture Antonia Show Off Clothes 3/17. You got the 2 first when starting the game.) & Costume Someone’s Memory

49:50 Chapter 2 Elysion Boulevard
55:20 LADA F150 Frame
1:03:13 Frozen Man’s Letter (Read the letter and get Gesture Remembrance 4/17)
1:13:11 Life Amulet
1:13:51 Normal Weapon Electric Coil Stick Head (4/29) from the Merchant
1:19:09 Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide 2
1:19:59 Dimensional Butterfly
1:21:19 Weeping Woman Side Quest (find the Broken Baby Puppet)
1:22:10 Normal Weapon Krat Police Baton Head (5/29) from the Police Officer
1:24:04 Torn Doodle
1:31:29 Toma side quest (Find the Faded Whistle)
1:32:26 Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter
1:39:29 Boss Mad Donkey The Bastards and the Sweepers Achievement: Kill a Stalker.
1:48:16 Krat Times Issue 1124
1:50:42 Broken Baby Puppet (give it to the Weeping Woman)
1:52:07 Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet
1:55:06 Weeping Woman Record Feel (Lie “She’s a cute baby”)
2:00:10 Boss Scrapped Watchman Achievement: Kill the Scrapped Watchman
2:05:22 Faded Whistle (use it with Toma) & Venigni’s Guide
2:07:02 End of the side quest with Toma
2:09:19 Fulminis Legion Arm (Talk to Eugénie)
2:11:43 Talk to Geppetto to activate P-Organ
2:15:17 Miracle Cure
2:21:53 Start of ‘End of Riddles Achievement’: Discover all Trinity Sanctums.(Trinity Key – Answer: Human)

Chapter 3 & 4 Venigni Works – St. Frangelico Cathedral

Salamander Dagger Blade (6/29)
Fire Axe Blade (7/29)
Booster Glaive Blade (8/29)
Big Pipe Wrench Head (9/29)
Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Blade (10/29)

Stalker’s Promise (5/17)
Fear (6/17)
Swagger (7/17)
Pray (8/17)

Crafted Cryptic Vessel

Seven-Coil Spring Sword (1/11)
Etiquette (2/11)
Holy Sword of the Ark (3/11)

Divine Service


0:00 Chapter 3 Venigni Works
1:28 Normal Weapon Salamander Dagger Blade (6/29)
7:16 Belford Shock Cartridge
7:41 Factory Manager’s Report
11:27 Dimensional Butterfly
16:25 Dimensional Butterfly
21:20 Normal Weapon Fire Axe Blade (7/29)
23:13 Talk to Black Cat and buy Ripped Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III (500 Ergo)
27:31 Survivor (Gesture Stalker’s Promise 5/17)
30:01 Doctor’s Confessions
31:17 Have you seen this eccentric?!
32:48 Talk to Venigni (Gesture Fear 6/17) + Side Quest to find Pulcinella (Save him and later in Hotel Krat you will get Gesture Swagger from Venigni)
38:18 Descartes’s Note
41:17 Trinity Sanctum (use the Trinity Key)
47:05 Boss Puppet of the Future
48:14 Normal Weapon Booster Glaive Blade (8/29)
50:25 Boss King’s Flame Achievement: Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco.
54:08 End Side Quest Pulcinella
56:24 Talk to Venigni (Gesture Swagger 7/17)
1:00:02 Legion Arm Flamberge
1:06:40 Normal Weapon Big Pipe Wrench Head (9/29)

1:08:59 Chapter 4 Moonlight Town – St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel
1:12:45 Dimensional Butterfly
1:13:47 Moonlight Town Guide
1:16:26 Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter
1:18:00 The Atoned (Lie “Give the Stalker’s greeting”)
1:25:03 Woman’s Prayer
1:26:14 Talk to Giangio (Guillaume’s Ballad, Cube + Recovery Wishstone)
1:28:29 Belford Break Cartridge
1:33:21 Stained Choir Sheet Music
1:43:27 Normal Weapon Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Blade (10/29)
1:44:19 Veteran Explorer Achievement: Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards (Crafted Cryptic Vessel)
1:45:45 Legion Plug
1:48:37 Krat Supply Box
1:50:13 Side Quest Sister Cecile (Find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark)
1:52:27 Legion Caliber
1:54:46 Dimensional Butterfly
2:00:47 Special Weapon Collector Achievement: Collect all special weapons – Alidoro (Buy Special Weapons Seven-Coil Spring Sword, Etiquette & Holy Sword of the Ark 1,2&3/11 + do not buy amulets or you can get the Special Weapon Achievement in one playthrough) + lie “Venigni Works”
2:05:00 Archbishop’s Diary
2:05:40 Side Quest Cecile Archbishop’s Holy Mark (Give to Cecile) & Workshop Union Strengthening Frame
2:09:07 End of Cecile’s Quest
2:10:05 Give Krat Supply Box to Polendina
2:11:03 Boss Fallen Archbishop Achievement: Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
2:19:31 Record Divine Service, Cecile’s Written Confession, Read the letter (Gesture Pray 8/17)
2:21:03 Alidoro 2nd time

Chapter 5 & 6 Path of the Pilgrim – Estella Opera House

Acidic Crystal Spear Blade (11/29)
Bone-Cutting Sawblade (12/29)
Bramble Curved Sword Blade (13/29)
Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade (14/29)
Exploding Pickaxe Blade (15/29)
Clock Sword Blade (16/29)
Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade (17/29)

Taunt (9/17)
Clap (10/17)
Sad (11/17)

Trident of the Covenant (4/11)
Puppet Ripper (5/11)

Trinity Key (Answer: Candle)

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel



0:00 Talk to Venigni and get the Ergo Wavelength Decoder
0:36 Show Crafted Cryptic Vessel to Venigni
2:12 Legion Arm Aegis
4:40 Special Weapon Trident of the Covenant (4/11)
7:00 Crafted Cryptic Vessel Solution
9:14 Chapter 5 Path of the Pilgrim – Malum District
11:00 Smiling Bunny Mark
12:41 Normal Weapon Acidic Crystal Spear Blade (11/29)
15:57 Dimensional Butterfly
17:11 Tomb Slums
19:02 Wanted: Black Rabbit Brotherhood
20:35 Scribbles of Slum Resident
24:20 Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter
28:44 Sweepers Branch Office Newspaper Archives
31:25 Malum District
35:10 Arch Break Cartridge
35:37 Have a taste of La Bleiwies, the greatest wine in the world!
39:00 Quartz
40:05 Dimensional Butterfly
40:51 Normal Weapon Bone-Cutting Sawblade (12/29)
44:35 Trinity Key (Answer: Candle)
51:57 Monad Charity House Guide
52:40 Legion Caliber
52:58 Normal Weapon Bramble Curved Sword Blade (13/29) & Record Someday (Merchant Black Market)
56:32 Boss The Delayed Match Achievement: Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
59:57 Gesture Taunt (9/17)
1:00:56 Black Rabbit Brotherhood Ledger
1:01:59 Quartz
1:02:22 Portrait of a Boy
1:02:50 This month’s trend: Stalker masks
1:03:39 Trinity Sanctum
1:06:45 Talk to Pulcinella about Smiling Bunny Mark
1:07:56 Buy the Bright Red Apple, you’ll need it later.
1:08:07 Give the ‘Portrait of a Boy’ to Gepetto + Gesture Clap (10/17)
1:09:41 Bear Gold Coin Fruit Achievement: Harvest Gold Coin Fruit (Talk to Giangio)
1:13:58 Rosa Isabelle Street Key (Talk to Antonia)

1:15:51 Chapter 6 Rosa Isabelle Street – Estella Opera House
1:17:50 The Witch’s Tower and Princess Poster
1:18:06 Side Quest Old Lady at the Window (Find the wine in chapter 7)
1:21:16 Artist’s Doodle
1:22:27 Special Report! Foreigner’s Confession
1:24:06 Legion Plug
1:27:18 Boss White Lady
1:29:47 Rose Estate Incident, left as a mystery
1:31:17 Normal Weapon Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade (14/29)
1:32:39 Dimensional Butterfly
1:34:12 Side Quest Julian the Gentleman (Find the Wedding Ring)
1:38:20 Quartz
1:46:24 Arch Heavyweight Frame
1:47:09 Wedding Ring (Give it to Julian)
1:50:14 Boss Mad Clown Puppet
2:00:01 Talk to Julian and lie “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you” (Gesture Sad 11/17)
2:02:21 Legion Arm Pandemonium
2:02:43 Estella Opera House
2:05:06 Belford Disruption Cartridge
2:05:47 Adelina (Give the apple)
2:10:23 Technique Amulet
2:11:39 Normal Weapon Exploding Pickaxe Blade (15/29)
2:15:30 Incredible Venigni Collection
2:18:20 Notes from an Experiment
2:18:36 Jeweled Cryptic Vessel
2:19:08 Dimensional Butterfly
2:20:20 Boss King of Puppets Achievement: Kill Romeo, King of Puppets.
2:28:25 Record Fascination
2:30:24 Charity Market Path
2:35:34 Normal Weapon Clock Sword Blade (16/29)
2:39:35 Note Left at the Counter & talk to Polendina
2:42:37 Talk to Pulcinella and give Incredible Venigni Collection (buy Normal Weapon Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade from him 17/29)
2:44:18 Talk to Venigni and give ‘Jeweled Cryptic Vessel’
2:45:18 Talk to Antonia and lie “Of course”
2:46:55 Special Weapon Puppet Ripper (5/11)
2:48:19 Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Solution

Chapter 7 & 8 Lorenzini Arcade – Barren Swamp

Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade (18/29)
Weapon Spear of Honor Blade (19/29)
Live Puppet’s Axe Blade (20/29)
City Longspear Blade (21/29)
Pistol Rock Drill Blade (22/29)

Respect (12/17)
Beg (13/17)
Greet (14/17)

Frozen Feast (6/11)
Two Dragons Sword (7/11)

Riddle (Answer: Egg)

Old Cryptic Vessel



0:00 Chapter 7 Lorenzini Arcade – Grand Exhibition
4:56 Dimensional Butterfly (If you have followed this guide from the beginning, you should get ‘From Across the Rift’ Achievement: Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.)
10:42 Monad Charity House Concert
13:52 Arcade Undergroun Passage Key
14:22 Normal Weapon Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade (18/29) from the Merchant
15:12 Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance (Must read it to get ‘Moon World Warrior Toy’ in chapter 11)
22:11 Dimensional Butterfly
23:43 Dimensional Butterfly
25:00 Normal Weapon Spear of Honor Blade (19/29)
27:27 The greatest show on Earth is coming!
32:16 La Bleiwies (must give it to the Old Lady at the Window in Rosa Isabelle Street)
34:59 End of the Side Quest ‘Old Lady at the Window’ (Reward: Venigni Commemorative Coin)
36:47 Becoming more human
37:59 Venigni Commemorative Coin (Show this to Pulcinella)
39:51 Grand Exhibition Plaza
46:56 Grand Exhibition Gallery
55:41 Dimensional Butterfly
58:03 Quartz
59:58 Side Quest Belle (speak to her before defeating Victor) : she will come later to the hotel and you can really start her quest in chapter 9
1:03:27 Resurrection! Champion Victor has returned!
1:04:54 Legion Caliber
1:07:05 Riddle (Answer: Egg)
1:08:45 Trinity Key
1:12:20 Order of Kroud Report
1:14:09 Legion Plug
1:20:02 Crumpled Baptist’s Doodle
1:20:26 Sturdy Krat Supply Box
1:21:08 Talk to Polendina and give him the Sturdy Krat Supply Box
1:22:51 Boss The Champion of Evolution Achievement: Kill Champion Victor
1:30:17 Lie to Simon “Monsters”
1:34:20 Saintess of Mercy Statue + Gesture Respect (12/17)
1:37:41 So Said Pistris I
1:38:21 Talk to Polendina, then talk to Giangio to get a cure for Antonia, give the cure to Polendina and tell him he can use it
1:40:20 Four-fingered Glove (Talk to Eugénie)
1:40:40 Legion Arm Falcon Eyes
1:41:02 Strongest Legion Arm Achievement: Modify a Legion Arm to its max level
1:43:29 Trinity Sanctum
1:45:12 Talk to Red Fox and give a Gold Coin Fruit (Beg Gesture 13/17 & Record Quixotic)
1:48:54 Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide IV

1:49:17 Chapter 8 Barren Swamp
1:51:48 Belford Superior Insulation Converter
1:58:46 Recharged Amulet
2:04:00 Talk to Alidoro and give him the Four-fingered Glove + buy Special Weapon Frozen Feast (6/11)
2:08:29 Normal Weapon Live Puppet’s Axe Blade (20/29)
2:15:10 Side Quest Broken Puppet (you cannot finish this quest now, you’ll have to come back later)
2:16:26 Talk to Eugénie and lie “He was happy“
2:17:35 Dimensional Butterfly
2:18:21 Experiment Report of Order – Test Subject 890
2:19:01 Boss Owl Doctor
2:26:20 Legion Caliber
2:27:41 Dimensional Butterfly
2:28:37 Dimensional Butterfly
2:29:39 Dimensional Butterfly
2:31:57 Arch Disruption Cartridge
2:32:59 Normal Weapon City Longspear Blade (21/29)
2:38:31 Dimensional Butterfly (4 more)
2:40:54 Fancy Venigni Collection
2:44:20 Talk to Rookie Explorer Hugo and get ‘Wanted: Alidoro’ + ‘Old Cryptic Vessel’
2:46:38 Sentry’s Notebook
2:47:21 Boss Puppet-Devouring Green Monster Achievement: Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster
2:57:30 Special Weapon Two Dragons Sword (7/11)
2:58:49 Talk to Antonia and get Gestures Greet (14/17) after playing piano
3:00:17 Belle Side Quest: find Atkinson in chapter 9
3:00:40 Give the Fancy Venigni Collection to Pulcinella (buy Normal Weapon Pistol Rock Drill Blade (22/29))
3:01:16 Give Golden Ergo to Venigni and get Golden lead-acid Battery
3:02:33 Give Old Cryptic Vessel to Venigni
3:04:25 More dialogue with Hugo
3:05:41 Old Cryptic Vessel Solution
3:07:55 Life Amulet +1 & Legion Caliber
3:10:47 Frayed Notebook
3:12:10 Bloody Letter

Chapter 9 & 10 Krat Central Station – Relic of Trismegistus Entrance

Master Chef’s Knife Blade (23/29)
Coil Mjolnir Head (24/29)
Military Shovel Blade (25/29)
Black Steel Cutter Blade (26/29)
Cursed Knight’s Halberd Blade (27/29)

Anger (15/17)

Trinity Key (Answer: Ergo)
King of Riddles’ Surprise Box (Open it and get The Chosen One’s Trinity Key)

Rusty Cryptic Vessel
Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel

Misty E’rA
Far East Princess


0:00 Chapter 9 Krat Central Station
2:20 Quartz
17:38 Letter From Someone Who Has Gone Ahead
18:00 LADA Break Cartridge
21:43 Normal Weapon Master Chef’s Knife Blade (23/29)
22:27 Belle Side Quest Atkinson + Atkinson’s Letter
24:12 Boss Robber Weasel
26:25 Dimensional Butterfly
30:48 Normal Weapon Coil Mjolnir Head (24/29)
37:44 Fairytale of the Three Brothers of the Workshop Tower
37:56 Buy Normal Weapon Military Shovel Blade (25/29) from the Merchant
38:47 Lie to Belle “He was killed in action fighting a puppet” + Record Why
42:34 Lover’s Letter
44:17 Dimensional Butterfly
56:20 Primer for Workshop Technicians
57:52 Special Krat Supply Box
59:03 Boss Walker of Illusions
1:02:37 Trinity Key (Answer: Ergo)
1:04:27 Dimensional Butterfly
1:08:38 Boss Corrupted Parade Master Achievement: Kill the Corrupted Parade Master.
1:15:10 Gesture Anger (talk to Antonia)
1:16:53 Legion Arm Collector Achievement: Collect all Legion Arms (Legion Arm Deus Machina )
1:17:28 Strongest Normal Weapon Achievement
1:17:54 Give Special Krat Supply Box to Polendina (buy Quartz, Rusty Cryptic Vessel…)
1:19:38 Extreme Potential Achievement: Activate P-Organ to Phase 5
1:19:55 Give Rusty Cryptic Vessel to Venigni
1:20:54 Rusty Cryptic Vessel Solution Hermit’s Cave
1:24:40 Someone’s Report Notes Notebook
1:26:36 Quartz
1:29:18 Normal Weapon Black Steel Cutter Blade (26/29)
1:32:30 Record Misty E’rA
1:33:12 Quartz & Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel
1:33:24 Trinity Sanctum
1:34:03 King of Riddles’ Surprise Box (Open it and get The Chosen One’s Trinity Key)
1:36:40 Broken Puppet Teach Anger
1:37:03 Play the piano

1:37:50 Chapter 10 Relic of Trismegistus Entrance
1:39:01 Dimensional Butterfly (3 in total)
1:41:52 Normal Weapon Cursed Knight’s Halberd Blade (27/29)
1:44:32 Legion Caliber
1:46:16 Boss Revenge of Black Achievement: Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
1:57:47 Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel : Kill Alidoro
2:00:13 Great Venigni Collection
2:00:55 Talk to Pulcinella and give him the Great Venigni Collection
2:01:41 Talk to Venigni and lie “I couldn’t hear“ + Give Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel
2:04:44 Lie to Eugénie to get the Record Far East Princess “I think he was just a talented Stalker”
2:05:29 King of Puppets’ Message
2:07:16 Hugo
2:09:40 The Great Venigni and Pistris the Submarine

Last Chapter 11 Black Seaside – Arche Abbey

Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade (28/29)
Carcass Crystal Axe Blade (29/29)

Uroboros’s Eye (8/11)
Golden Lie (9/11)
Noblesse Oblige (10/11)
Proof of Humanity (11/11)

Happy (16/17)
Entreat (17/17)

King of Riddles Arlecchino

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Memory of Beach
Shadow Flower


0:00 Chapter 11 Black Seaside – Arche Abbey
8:38 So Said Pistris II
12:08 Boss Door Guardian
21:37 Veteran’s Amulet
26:02 Bundle of Old Letters
26:50 Dimensional Butterfly
32:03 First Discovery, Camille
33:08 Normal Weapon Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade (28/29)
40:14 LADA F350 Frame
44:25 End of Riddles Achievement: Discover all Trinity Sanctums.
44:50 King of Riddles Arlecchino (Must read ‘Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance’ to get ‘Moon World Warrior Toy’)
52:07 Legion Caliber
53:18 Talk to Test Subject 826 and get Gesture Happy (16/17)
54:54 End of Broken Puppet Quest
55:39 The Story of the Prince Achievement: Find out about the last story of Venigni.
59:28 Dimensional Butterfly
1:18:58 Mechanical Cryptic Vessel
1:23:58 Dimensional Butterfly
1:33:22 Dimensional Butterfly
1:36:21 Red Fox’s Amulet
1:41:12 Quartz
1:46:45 Boss The Complete One Achievement: Kill Laxasia the Complete.
1:54:30 Normal Weapon Collector Achievement: Collect all normal weapons. Buy Normal Weapon Carcass Crystal Axe Blade (29/29) from Test Subject 826
1:57:03 The Story of the Refined Old Lady Achievement: Find out about the last story of Antonia
1:57:39 Cherry-Scented Letter + Record Memory of Beach
1:59:01 Give Mechanical Cryptic Vessel to Venigni
2:00:35 Special Weapon Uroboros’s Eye (8/11)
2:00:53 Veteran Explorer Achievement: Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards. Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Solution (Meet the merchant with Frozen Feast equipped)
2:03:15 Talk to Sophia and “Give her peace” + Record Shadow Flower + Learning about Emotions Achievement : Learn all gestures (Gesture Entreat (17/17))
2:14:10 Quartz
2:24:38 Lie to Geppetto “Yes”
2:26:42 Assassin’s Amulet
2:28:55 Leaping Amulet +1
2:33:37 Legion Caliber
2:35:31 So Said Pistris III
2:36:15 Simon Manus’s Confession
2:36:51 Boss The Awakened God Achievement: Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus. + The Story of the One Who Dreamed Achievement: Find out about the last story of Simon Manus
Lie to Simon “I liberated her from Arche Abbey”
2:49:15 Strongest Special Weapon Achievement: Strengthen a special weapon to its max level.
2:50:01 Special Weapon Golden Lie (9/11)
2:50:19 Under the Abyss : Backup your save now to get 2 endings in one playthrough. Turn off the autocloud save in Steam general settings (Steam Cloud) then backup your save located at Program Files(86x)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lies of P\LiesofP\Saved
Rise of P Ending Achievement (Talk to Geppetto and refuse to give him your heart)
2:52:43 The First Puppet Achievement: Kill the Nameless Puppet (After this fight, DO NOT start a NG+ yet, we’ve still have a few things to do)
3:02:19 Pianist of Krat Achievement: Play a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat.
3:02:44 Special Weapon Collector Achievement: Collect all special weapons (Noblesse Oblige + Proof of Humanity 10,11/11))
3:03:52 The Story of the Blue Butterfly Achievement: Find out about the last story of Sophia.
3:04:41 The Letter of the Eternal
3:05:04 Use your save now and get the Real Boy Ending Achievement: They all lived happily ever after (Give your heart to Geppetto this time). After the ending, DO NOT start a NG+ yet.
3:11:05 The Story of One Father Achievement: Find out about the last story of Geppetto


The remaining achievements can only be unlocked in NG+:

– Golden Melody Achievement: Collect and play all records (only 6 records in NG+)

– The Story of a Stranger Girl Achievement: Find out about the last story of Eugénie.

– Free from the puppet string Achievement: Reach the ending in a ‘true playthrough’

Thanks to guylinkbrush for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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