Let’s School: Tips and Tricks (How to Play)

A compendium of various tips and tricks to know while playing Let’s School!


Let’s School is a school building life simulation game packed with various features and mechanics. However, some features are often overlook and the overall game mechanics can be quite overwhelming to new players. Here are some tips and tricks to know when you first start out, or some things you might not know whilst playing the game!


Sakura Valley is a flat land ideal for making large single builds, Peony Springs is an island plot suited for multiple smaller builds.

Play the tutorial at least once! Can’t go wrong with knowing the basics.

Read the manual by click on the “?” Icon.

When starting a new game, it’s best to pause the game first.

Pressing the Tab key will hide your walls.

The various “junk” around your school can have stars, this will help boost your school level.

Your starting students are chosen from a predetermined pool. They range from poor to rich but also in quantity.

You can invest in your starting community by clicking the notepad on the bottom right of its UI.

Playing on normal or hard difficulty: demolishing will only refund 80% and 40% respectively. Try not to sell objects only to buy them again, it’s better to move existing objects instead.

Your headmaster (Your player) does not need a salary.

Do not delete the well or outhouse in your early game, as they are a source of water and toilets. Subsequently: The well will give you an achievement after some time

Your teacher’s “training” level is their maximum stat potential gained while training, If it surpasses this, the training will become long and resource consuming.

After discovering other rival schools, they will attempt to invest in other communities, This will make you lose influence causing less students to enroll in your school.

Dispatch students will continue studying and fulfill their needs automatically.

You can buy more land by clicking on the signs outside your build area.

After researching school reform I you can use the dispatch map to explore regions. But did you know you can drag to see even more regions? These are unlocked through more school reforms.

Students and teachers forming friendships will increase overall satisfaction levels.

The Management level of a teacher can increase the maximum capacity of researchers, students in classes, and the amount of management points in department management.

You can build sports facilities on top of buildings.

Loans are surprisingly forgiving. Don’t be afraid to take some.

You can place objects on the same tile if there’s a object attached to a wall.

Elite teachers can be hired from the job market, or by trading them from rival schools.

Security Rooms when staffed will stop delinquency events and confiscate contraband.

Students with “Righteous” traits can stop delinquency events.

Explosive Temper and Naughty are hard to manage, be careful not to admit too many of them that would exceed the class’s maximum management capacity.

Classroom exclusive objects can give a small boost to teaching.

Morning Classes that is unlocked through research can give boosts to a specific subject.

The Teaching Policy that is unlocked with School Reform III will automatically recruit students to their designated classrooms, do note that this will also automatically set their schedules to suit their subject needs.

Basic monuments will work as tier 2 special classes, Advance Monuments will work like tier 3 special classes but can be used by 3 classrooms at the same time.

Speeches can give buffs for the rest of the day, you can only do them once every week so use them wisely.

Clean Up morning classes makes student clean everything nearby their classrooms first.

Trash bins prevent trash from accumulating, brooms and cleaning closet cleans up trash that is already present faster.

Lights tend to be cheaper than windows in terms of lighting.

Stairs take time to climb, use elevators for multi-story buildings.

Cats will interact with students, and teachers, and will sit on various objects when they’re doing nothing.

Headmaster Mode can be access on the lower right part of your GUI.

You can only build and go up to 8 floors maximum.

Communities have a maximum cap on students who can enroll per week.

Coal burners, and food tent are objects that constantly catch on fire.

Room levels can boost efficiency. A level 3 management department will give you more management capacity. A Level 5 classrooms will boost teaching efficiency.

Communities in the dispatch map are randomized. Same goes for the rival schools.

Trade with Rival schools to get modules, building objects and Elite Teachers.

Pause admissions if you don’t want to get receive students from a specific community.

Contribution Points are more valuable than money when trading with other schools.

If your student have more than 3 demerits, you may expel them.

Custom Blocks are your go to object for detailing your school. They are unlocked at school reform 2 in Corporate Culture. They also cost 1G each.

Teachers will ask for salary depending on the school level and base stats. They are more likely to ask for a pay raise the longer they are in the school.


The cost of investing in a community will increase each time. Try not to invest all in one single day, as rival schools will also try to invest.

Contribution points with a thumbs up on them will provide a bigger boost compared to money or contribution points without them.

Full marks are better than passing grades. They give extra rewards too. Try to focus on getting your students to full marks to reap those rewards.

Only school level 0 will allow you to get money from building facilities.

You don’t have to immediately rank up your school. You can “store” some of the points you earned to rank up multiple times.

After getting School Reform 1, dispatch your grade 2 class instead of your grade 1 this will allow them to beat most map encounters in the first region.

Unless you’re playing on easy mode, use as much space as possible in the starting buildings, as building new structures is more expensive.

Roofs in the early game are overrated, if you want to make extra money at the start, just sell your roof.

Items can be bought/traded after discovering shops in the dispatch map. These items can be very powerful if used correctly.
An example item would be the books that allow your students to gain knowledge. Use this to maximize your students who can’t reach their study needs in time.

Emergency drills such as Fire drills and earthquake drills are permanent. Meaning you only need to do them once per classroom. Ideally you should do them after the 3rd day when you get no more student admissions but if you are playing on hard difficulty, I suggest doing it twice, on the first day and the end of the third day.

Sell the snow mans.

Other than losing out on a few points, there is no “maximum” size for rooms or facilities. Which means you can make the worlds largest toilet, cafeteria, or parking lot.

You don’t need to make multiple needs facilities if you centralized. This will lessen the management load.

Your first 3 starting teachers have the lowest salary. Keep them as service staff such as Food tent, Cafeteria, Infirmary, and Security. You may also fire them however.

Rival schools will invest in communities to gain influence on them. If you invest against them, they will lose they’re influence and have a chance to closed down.
However! Make sure that you trade with them first or else you’ll lose out on the items and teachers you can get.

Alternatively you can also NOT invest in those communities and make them stay for as long as you want.

You can make tiny rooms with no consequences as long as you meet the necessary objects. Use this to your advantage if you’re running out of cash.

Some landmarks in the dispatch map will give you rewards for completing them, if you need some extra cash, I recommend going to those landmarks. Each landmark also gives an item at least once.

Teachers that work as homeroom teachers will gain management certificates overtime. When building a new management department use the teachers from the classrooms Instead of recruiting a new one with the required certificate.

School stores are a good way to earn early game money, changing what the store sells for each season will increase the likely hood of students and teachers purchasing from it.

Benches can increase friendships which will increase satisfaction, I suggest placing some around the school as they will make people happy.

Answering the spirit of the well correctly will: Give two students in grade 1 that have passing grades.

Arcades give the most money/purchase in the entire game. Place your arcade in the middle of path where students will likely go through to increase the chances of them using it. It also has the benefits of satisfying entertainment.

The last day of any week will always be an exam day, you can expect most of your students to already have passing grades. Use it for community volunteering as they give you 1000G Each.

You can remove a pillar/roofs that is supported by another pillar. You can remove the pillar below it to make a floating pillar/roof. Personally I use it to make hanging roofs.

A teacher’s proficiency in teaching will give students more knowledge in a single period than having a low proficiency teacher teaching in multiple periods. If you have a really good teacher in teaching, try to place them in classes to teach in only one period supported by low proficiency teachers. This will free up the good teacher to teach multiple classes at once.


That’s all I have for this guide (for now). I’ll add more in the future as the game gets more features.
Feel free to correct or even add some of your own tips and tricks here.PS. I’ll add images at a later date…

Thanks to ETKnight for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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