Leafling Online: How to Leveling Your Life Skills

This guide will help new and present players as to where and how they can begin progressing their skills.

The game is still being updated, therefore the guide will change over time.


The Beginning

You start your adventure at Dreamer’s Shore. After the dialogue with Noah, we can begin.

You can go past Noah and enter the tent north of the campfire on the left. You will find a crate of tools, for you to use. Free of charge.

Interacting with the crate will give you three tools. Rod, Hatchet, and Pickaxe.

You may click on them and you equip them automatically! There will be an “E” on the equipment, when in use.

Keep in mind, you can do /skills in game-chat to review your skill rank with these tools. As a novice, you will have 0/5000 skill points, for each tool. But that will change as you begin to explore and use these tools.

🐟 Fishing 🐟

Not many beginners know this, but you can only fish in Dreamer’s Shore, and once you’ve unlocked the next rank for Fishing, which will be Journeyman’s, you can now fish at Saltwater Field. You will gain the following if you’re successful, 1 fishing experience & 1 Saltfin.
You can also eat the fish you catch, no cooking required! Just left-click on it.

Interacting with the bubbles will catch you fish and sometimes you may not. Just keep trying and aim for that 5000 skill in Fishing!

Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your rod in Journeyman’s Respite. There will be a building with anvils, enter it and speak with the NPC named “Craftsman Tools” you can always buy the upgrade and use, but accordingly to your skill rank! As you level up, you gain new areas, unlocking new resources for you to use!

But why would I want to fish?

There’s currently 4 Tree Classes, and one of them is a Prestige Tree Class, so you can unlock these classes through specific tasks. And one of them is the Naiiad Class.

Originally posted by https://leafling.fandom.com/wiki/Classes#Naiiad:

It can only be unlocked by using the Naiiad charm. The charm has a chance to be received when opening fishing spoils, which is a rare drop from fishing.

After reaching the Journeyman’s rank for Fishing, you can begin fishing in Saltwater Fields! Go you! Keep progressing and you’ll be fishing in Seabreeze Ruins!

🌲 Woodcutting 🌲

You can literally walk up to any tree accessible on the map, and in range, and hack at it with your hatchet. However, you will gain 1 Woodcutting Experience & 1 Oak Log.

You will notice a red bar above the tree, this bar needs to be gone, in order for you to gain the experience and wood. The higher your damage, rank, and better tools, you can easily chop them down with one swing.

Once the tree has been cut, there will remain a stump, it will regrow after time. Don’t worry though, you can even chop trees in Journeyman’s Respite. However, as you begin to access newer areas, the difficulty will rise for these trees. Therefore, you can only cut down rank-specific trees.

Reaching Saltwater Fields, you can cut down these dark yellow trees, gaining 2 Woodcutting experience and 1 Sunleaf Log, and there’s an abundance of more trees, than there are in Dreamer’s Shore.

Upon reaching level 20, you can enter Seabreeze Ruins. Which is a haven for Woodcutting, but rank up some more, because there are other tree in this area as well to be harvested from.

⛏️ Mining ⛏️

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Mobs so icy, wonder why they kill me, I’m just mining.

As for mining, it is the same with Woodcutting, however, the ores you gain are different. The brown stones that you can mine from are Copper and the silver stones are Iron. They both have different exp gains, but you still gain one ore from each resource harvested.

The ores have health bars that need to be depleted, before you can collect any ore or experience.

Again, the better tools and equipment, will make mining easier to one-tap these ores.

Once they’ve been depleted, the ores will look like pebbles, rather than an ore vein. Copper gives players 1 Mining experience, meanwhile, Iron gives players 2 Mining experience.

However, the best place for mining ores under level 10 would be Saltwater Field. There will be a patch, with ores that are close together. Rather separated, making it easier to turn and mine your hearts away.

Once you’ve reach level 10, you can enter Miner’s Cove. There is an abundance of ores that can be found. However, you will find different ores as well. Meaning, you will need a higher rank to be able to harvest from these ore veins.

Upon reaching level 20, you can enter Seabreeze Ruins and continue your mining escapade north of the Kobolds and in the cave.

✨ Milestone Ranks ✨


These are the milestones that you’ll achieve until reaching Grandmaster.

Note: Experience gains from certain resources differ! The highest exp you can gain is 16 from Master Resources, and the lowest is 0 from Grandmaster!

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