Last Hope on Earth: How to Start (Beginners’ Guide)

This is the Official Guide on how to start your survival experience on Last Hope on Earth!


First Step – Collecting Resources
When it comes to resource gathering in Last Hope on Earth there is a huge range of possibilities: you can collect fruit bushes and other resources, break rocks to find minerals and important resources, or cut down trees all over the place.

At the beginning of your game you will find in your inventory (by pressing the TAB key by default) a stone available. You can equip this stone on one of your hands by dragging it to the available space or by right clicking and selecting the equip function.

With the stone equipped, you can now use it to break trees and other stones around the map. Remember, don’t throw your stone away until you have an axe and pickaxe available, this is very important for your progression in the game!

Second Step – How to use Weapons
Using weapons in Last Hope on Earth is a somewhat complicated mechanic to understand, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very simple!

To begin, you must have a gun, a compatible magazine, and compatible ammunition.

To load your weapon, you must first equip it in one of your hands. Then, by right-clicking on it, click on “Attachments” to open the gun’s inventory of attachments.

With the inventory of attachments open, you must first remove the magazine from the gun and then load it with the required compatible ammunition.

After loading the gun’s magazine, you can attach it to the gun by pressing the “R” key while holding the gun, or by dragging the magazine to the gun in your inventory.

You can also attach other compatible items found throughout the world, such as sights, silencers, stocks, and others.

Third Step – Buildings
Construction is part of the game objective and routine of Last Hope on Earth. You can build your own city and gather with other players within the game.

To start building, you will need some initial resources, such as Wood and a Building Plan (you can build a Building Plan through the Crafting tab).

Once you have these initial resources, you can start building by holding the Building Plan in your inventory and following the on-screen key instructions.

Once you have your initial building, it is not recommended to leave it at the wood level. You can upgrade it to the iron level.

To do this you will need the resources mentioned above and a hammer, which can also be built in the Crafting tab.

Once you have the hammer in hand, right click on the building to be evolved and follow the onscreen processes.

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