Larry The Unlucky Part 3 Walkthrough & Achievement 100%

Here is a video walkthrough of the Full Game including All Achievements.


Larry The Unlucky Part 3 Walkthrough & Achievement

You can find the complete walkthrough of the game including all 16 achievements (story related) in the following video :

Achievements :
10:07 Gears : Hard struggle.
14:35 Tick-Tack : What is the ‘hardcore’ version of karaoke? A metronome…
18:58 Fisherman : All you need to be a fisherman is patience and a worm.
21:13 The journey begins : Finish Home Story

28:00 Mindgames : When you see a good move, look for a better one.
30:47 IQ Test : It’s nice to know that the IQ results are still positive.
32:49 The last key : So many keys…
33:43 Underground : Finish Catacombs Story

39:01 Slingshot : Direction, not power!
43:29 Sharp shooter : This task could not be done without precision.
52:59 Crawling : Save the scarab!
59:23 Sandy : Finish Desert Story

1:04:29 Lumberjack : You shall pass…
1:06:51 Ssssnake : The temple looks so dangerous!
1:18:50 Almost there : The mystery behind the story will be revealed soon…
1:22:37 Happily ever after : Finish Temple Story

Thanks to lapinkiller45 <<AD>> for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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