Landlord’s Super: How to Make Your Own Mixtape

A step by step guide on importing your own tracks into the game, and have custom tape artwork.   Introduction In case you weren’t aware, with the Furniture Update (14th May 2021) Greg added the Blank Tape to the game, which can be stolen from Jimmy’s Van by smashing the window. This tape, as the … Read more

Landlord’s Super: How to Get Rich with Peachy Bums Quickly

This guide describes how to utilise the Peachy Bums fruit machine (aka slot machine, aka pokie) in the Anchor Tavern to quickly generate a large flow of cash for all of your home renovation needs. NOTE: This guide is current as at v1.0.02 – 25 May 2023. Introduction This guide describes how to get rich … Read more

Landlord’s Super: How to Mix Ingredients

To make Concrete, Mortar and No-fines you need to mix them right to get strong materials. This guide will show all mixing types for strong material.   Mixing Recipe The mixes are all here. Strong Concrete (3800 PSI): – 1 Bag of Cement – 2 Bags of Sand – 4 Bags of Aggregate – 20 … Read more