Krunker: Settings Guide

A guide of the settings that apply to every game of Krunker you play once set, and which can be accessed by clicking Settings on the main page.



Search for specific settings. Top left of window.

Preset settings. Import and Export to load or share custom settings. Top of window.

* Requires Restart
Red asterisks in settings mean changing the setting value will require the player to restart the game.


Backup Settings
Backup/load personal settings.


Default Region
Determines default server you join when starting the game. Choose the nearest region for lower latency/ping. (Does not affect Quick Joining, see General > Server Browser > Default Region Only)

Sets game’s language. Non-English languages not 100% supported.


Lag Compensation
Compensates for lag (lol). Keep this at its default or 1 (Developer recommended).

Auto Routing
Dynamic/Smart Routing. May or may not help ping, test for yourself.

High Tickrate
Improves Hitreg if enabled. But uses more Bandwidth.

Server Browser

Legacy Browser
Old browser. Displays servers by region.

Default Region Only
Only join servers in default region.

Experimental (Only use if necessary)

Mouse Flick Fix
Potentially fixes polling rate mouse flick issue.

Aim Freeze Fix
Fixes aim freeze (?).

Instance Rendering
Shader based rendering (?).


Unlimited FPS
Uncaps frame rate.

Game Capture
Makes Krunker detected by recording software (e.g. OBS).

Experimental Features

Discord RPC
Discord Rich Presence. Displays player playing Krunker on Discord status.

Resource Swapper
Used to override resources (?).



X And Y Sensitivity
Changes how much input is needed to move the crosshair.

Aim X And Y Sensitivity
Changes how much input is needed to move the crosshair while aiming down sight.

Scroll Direction
Changes scroll direction for switching weapons.

Challenge Mode
Halves player’s maximum health to earn more KR per game.

Invert Y-Axis
An option that inverts vertical mouse movement, for players who are used to such control schemes.



UI Scale
Changes the size of all the user interface. (Health, Timer, Ammo, etc.)

Show UI
Show or hide UI entirely.

Use Old Scoreboard
Displays old scoreboard. Chat and kill feed are combined and scoreboard is top right in the UI.

Disable Rarity Animations
Disable Rarity animations (Rainbow).

Dynamic HP Bar
Enable dynamic damage animation in enemy health bar.

Show Damage
Show damage done to enemy.



Scales the internal resolution of the game. Upscale for higher quality resolution or downscale for performance.

Frame Cap
Cap the maximum frames per second. May help stabilize FPS.

Aspect Ratio
Change aspect ratio or resolution. This is how you enable “stretched” resolution.

Smooths edges of jagged geometry/objects. Decreases performance for quality.

Low Spec
Changing this will disable the game’s most performance seeking, unessential tasks and make the game run more smoothly, as the visual aspect of the game is reduced.

Map Details
Enabling this will remove special Map properties like Grass, etc. which will boost the performance.

Turns particle effects (i.e. dust and snow on some maps, and bullet casings) on and off. Affects performance.

Render Distance
Controls the maximum distance of how far you can see in-game. Lowering improves performance.

Enable or disable shadows. Enabling affects performance.

Soft Shadows
Toggling it on will make the the shadows soft with delicate outlining if they are turned on. Can affect performance

High-Res Shadows
High resolution shadows. Affects performance.

Dynamic Shadows
Renders shadows in real-time, especially player shadows. Affects performance.

Ambient Shading
A light-shading type which mainly affects the visual aspect and makes objects look more realistic and more accurate in terms of reaction with light sources. Affects performance.

Sniper Flap
Toggles a flap on the side of the sniper, which can bob up and down with the players movements.

Texture Animations
Controls whether animations on textures are enabled or disabled. Can affect performance, toggling off would likely improve performance.

Screen Shake
Enable or disable screenshake (Explosions from Rocket Launchers).

Select one of the 3 levels of lighting detail ingame. Low for performance to high for quality.


Gameplay Privacy

Streamer Mode
Scrambles other player’s usernames

View Model

Field of View
Field of View refers to the angle of the player’s view. The range that Krunker supports is from 60 to 150, representing an angle of degrees. A smaller field of view restricts vision of the space to the left and right of the player, and instead focuses on what is in front of them. On the other hand, a wider field of view will allow the player to see more of what is around them, which can prevent flanking.

Weapon FOV
A separate FOV that applies to your held weapon.

Weapon ADS FOV

Weapon Bobbing
A setting that governs by how much your weapon will sway back and forth while you are moving.

Weapon Leaning
Can control the angle at which the weapon leans.

Weapon Rotation
Can control the angle at which the weapon rotates.

Weapon X, Y, And Z Offset
Offsets the weapon’s location on the screen.

Weapon ADS Y Offset
Offsets the weapon’s ADS Y location.

Hide Weapon on ADS
Hide weapon model when aiming down sight.


Load Mods
Checks whether or not custom maps will load mods built into them.

Match End Message
The end message automatically sent to chat when the match ends.

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