Koi Farm: All Book Contents

When starting the game I really wanted to know what the later pages of the book would be. I kept hoarding fish in my big pool not knowing if they’d be useful. There are seven pages in the book as of Mar 14, 2021.   Page 1 1. Solid White 2. Solid Black 3. White … Read more

Koi Farm: Breeding Guide

The main goal in the game is breeding the koi fishes thats in the book. To do this, first you need to get the wanted color, then the wanted pattern. Also you can share and get fishes from your friends by downloading the image of the fish then dragging it to the game.   Colors … Read more

Koi Farm: How to Breed Combinations

Here you will get the info about breeding combinations   BEGINNING Default colors (meet in the river) White Black Yellow Grey (rarely swims in the river) Useful tip: the more you breed THE SAME 2 fishes, the more the chance you’ll get a rare mutation. MIXING SAME SOLID COLORS White + white = 4-5 white … Read more