King of Gangs: Idle Mafia Codes for June 2024

King of Gangs: Idle Mafia is a thrilling mafia-themed tycoon game that immerses you in the criminal underworld, where you can build your gang, engage in intense duels, and become the city’s ultimate overlord. Here, you’ll find the essential promo code for the game, instructions on how to redeem it, and some tips for maximizing your rewards.

List was updated on June 7, 2024


Current Promo Code for King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

Promo codes are a fantastic way to enhance your experience in King of Gangs: Idle Mafia. By redeeming the code betheking, you can gain valuable resources and boost your progress in the game. Game updates often come with new codes, so watch this page.

  • ZSKq3J (New & Valid until 6.11.2024, 00:00 PDT)
  • betheking

Pro Tip: Promo codes can expire, so make sure to redeem them as soon as you get them.


How to Redeem the Promo Code

Redeeming the promo code in King of Gangs: Idle Mafia is straightforward. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Launch King of Gangs: Idle Mafia on your device.
  2. Tap on the Settings button.
  3. Click on the Redeem Code option.
  4. Type in the promo code betheking and press confirm.
  5. The rewards will be added to your account immediately.


Where to Find More Codes

To stay updated with the latest promo codes for King of Gangs: Idle Mafia, make sure to follow the official Facebook page:

Regularly check these sources for new codes, events, and announcements. Being part of the community can also help you connect with other players who might share exclusive codes.

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