Key To Heaven: All Adventurous Quests

Just a simple guide for the start of the adventure quest line.


Part 1-Well Well Well
The well is hidden in the trees north of town.

Part 2-Another Brick in the Wall
The entrance is somewhere on the front of the castle.

Once inside, make sure to get the paper and get into the chest. There’s a way to get both without leaving.

Part 3-Darkness Bridges the Gap

You need to go into a cave east of town. The one near the waterfall.

The secret entrance is in the first area of the cave. Check all the walls.

Part 4-Well Well Well We Meet Again
Go back to the well you started the quest from. You’ll see a patch of dirt inside.

Part 5-Tree of Inifuss
Part 5 is pretty easy.
One of the trees east of the locked house will automatically trigger the quest when you walk by it. Map 23.

Part 6 – These mf snakes in this mf cave!
This part is located in the second part of the world.
You must be level 15 to continue.

There are two caves, look for the one with the spiders.

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