Kasi: 100% Achievement Guide!

Kasi is a simple game where you play as a plant. You start as a humble seed planted in the ground. You can create branches and leaves to collect sunlight, and roots to collect water. Having these in a good balance gives you energy to grow. Here is the full achievements guide for the game.


Welcome to my guide!

Hello dear Plantlovers and Achievementhunters! In this guide I will tell you how to get all the 17 achievements of Kasi.

The easiest (and funniest) way, however, is to just play it first and try to learn the basics of growing your plant. Also I recommend the tutorial section in the game’s settings because this is also a great help for playing it.

Also the achievements will NOT unlock in creative mode!

Have fun playing Kasi and happy hunting!


palisa mute
Have 50 branches
Pretty self-explaining. Just keep growing your tree/bush until you have 50 branches grown. If you are impatient you can use clockflowers to skip some time to grow faster. (see “Flowers”)

lon sewi
Grow as high as the sun at its apex
This one needs a little more time because your plant must grow pretty high to reach the sun. I suggest to try growing more height and less width. Still don´t forget to build roots because water and sun together speed up growth.

nasin sama
Reach 80% maximum light with 20 or more leaves
I’m not sure how to get this one because i got it without even noticing it. I can just tell you that pine trees take less light but you can grow much more leaves with them so I think this is the best way to get it. (Pine trees are built by merging roots before growing out a plant of them)

tenpo mute
Grow for one year
Just keep playing until your leaves turn green again after autumn.
If you are impatient, the fastest way to get this achievement is to farm clockflowers and skip as much time as possible with them (see “Flowers”)

kasi linja
Root a vine back into the ground
You can grow vines as you grow leafs and fruits. Just pull the point you choose down and the vine should appear when there is no progress in the pollination bar. You can always make vines by holding down shift while pulling towards the ground. Just let it grow under the ground and it should turn into a root.

kasi tu
Have a plant split into two plants
This one is pretty tricky because you need the right technique and some luck/patience to achieve it.
You need to start with one vine that comes down from a branch (not the stem) and grows into the ground like the achievement above. Keep growing your main tree except the branch with the vine until it breaks down, falls to the ground and disappears.


kasi unpa
Grow a flower and start pollination
When your plant grows, there will be a point where one of your leaves will have a white circle around it. When you leftclick it, it turns into a flower and will automatically start collecting polls.

kasi unpa mute
Have 20 flowers at one time
Same as above but with more flowers at the same time. As you keep growing your tree dont forget to build enough leaves so the chance for possible blooming ones is higher. You can also connect the achievement below with this one.

tenpo ala
Keep time stopped for 5 days in a row
This one is the rarest of the 17 Achievements but still it isn´t that hard to earn.
First you need clock-flowers cause they can stop time by leftclicking on it and your tree still continues growing plus you can skip time by turning them clockwise. To get those you need two flowers on one growing point and have to merge them together (put one over the other to merge)

I used an extra plant for this one to farm flowers. I made pretty much of them in the end but i think 20 flowers are enough. When you have merged those you can leftclick on one and time stops. Just wait, continue growing your plant but don’t skip time with your clock-flowers because the achievement does’t pop when doing this.

Note that the more clock-flowers you have, the slower they all shrink cause they count as one for stopping time.


kili suwi
Grow a fruit
After growing your first flower, the pink bar in your left upper corner shows your pollination progress which shows if its possible to grow fruits or not. After the bar is filled a little bit, just pull one branch in the direction of the ground and there will grow a fruit instead of a vine.

kili suwi mute
Have 20 fruits at one time
The same as above in “kasi unpa mute”. Try farming flowers and your pink bar will fill itself really quickly so you can grow many fruits. Just don’t let them fall to the ground because they need to hang on the tree to count.

pipi suli
Feed the spider until it is fully grown
If you doubleclick onto a fruit it will fall down. After the first one touched the ground, the spider will spawn and eat it if it can go there. (The spider can’t go over water, except there is a water lily leaf to move on, and it only moves when the fruit touches the ground directly) I don’t know how many fruits it needs to grow up but keep feeding it until the achievement pops up.


o weka a!
Shoo a bird
For this one you just have to move your cursor close to a bird. Birds begin to spawn when your tree grows. This will be one of your first Achievements for sure!

waso mute
Have 10 birds on your branches at once
This one’s a little harder than the last but still easy. The taller your plant grows, the more birds will spawn. 10 isn’t that much for a bigger tree and if you don’t shoo them away you’ll get it really quick.

Also there is an event where the spawnrate is highly increased though it’s rather uncommon:


mun pakala
Burst 200 stars with one plant
Also pretty self-explaining. If your camera is too far away, some stars won’t burst when clicking on them, so the easiest way to get many stars at once is to zoom in pretty close and click on every star you see floating around.

walo mun
Have 50 moon leaves
For this one the most important thing is to know how to even obtain moon leaves. It’s very easy, just merge 2 normal leaves (pull one over the other) and it will turn white. Moon leaves absorb more star- and moonlight and less sunlight. Note that the leaves you want to merge have to grow out of the same spot.

telo loje li wawa
Exceed 300% light during a blood moon
If you are on the same plant as for the “walo mun” achievement you just have grow more moonleaves while you wait for a bloodmoon because this event boosts your growth with moonleaves
excessively. In an extra playthrough with a nightbush you can get this one easily.

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