Kanjozoku Game レーサー: How to Customize the Colour of Your Name in-game

You ever wanted to be a part of the cool kids and have your name in a different colour? Fear not, this guide will show you how.


Let’s begin

You a fan of chatting in online games?
You like to stand out, and not being like everyone else?

Yes? Well then, this guide is for you!

Today, we’ll go over a simple method of colouring your in-game name to any colour on the spectrum.

First, we must have the prefix that we’ll be using for all the different colours-
That’ll look something like this:


And the filled out version will look like this:


Now that we have the prefix; next, we’ll need a way to get the colour codes.
There are many websites that do the same thing
The one I’ve personally used is going to be -> this one [www.w3schools.com]

Once we have the website opened, we can play around the different colours until we find something that we like.

I’ll go with Blue(#0000ff) just for the sake of showing

Next, we’ll copy the Hexcode (#…….)

And then we can paste it into our prefix from earlier:


All we have left is to enter our name instead of the [yournamehere] and copy the prefix with the chosen colour (You can use CTRL + C to copy it)


Open the game up
Paste it into the name box (You can use CTRL + V to paste it)
And you’re done
(small warning: there is a character limit so if your name tends to be long, it might not fit, sorry!)

-Join a session and see if it worked


You’re able to use actual colour names instead of Hex codes for some common ones, specific colours still need the Hex code
Try it out for yourself
(ex. blue, red, green…)

Thanks to Stannum for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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