Just Shapes & Beats: How to Beat Annihilate Easily

Struggling to annihilate? This guide is for you. I will go over how to easily annihilate the level annihilate.


What is the level “annihilate”?

What is the level annihilate?
annihilate is the last “Boss” level in Just Shapes And Beats.
This boss is, well, Extremely hard (Apart from close to me).you can see somebody playing it here.

How do you get to the level Annihilate?

This one is fairly easy to explain.
-Do it through the playlists (Main menu – playlists)
-Run into it on a boss level on online mode (Main menu – challenge – online)
-Complete most of the story mode and get to it (Recommended)
-I don’t know what else, exploit the game maybe? (Not recommended don’t do this)

Starting off.

Okay. So your in.

Do what I say very carefully.

1. Go to the right side of the screen, not entirely though!
2. Wait for the music to kick in and the boss to fully come alive.
3. Now this drippy boy will start to drip in the middle of the screen. be aware of that folks
4. On the right, a burst of pink killing blobs will explode off the wall. be careful, and dash through them.
5. The same thing on the left then the right again.

6. Okay, stay in the right because a lot of things are coming your way. Don’t dash in case you really need to and try your best to weave around them.

7. this guy is getting a bit shaky.
9. Remember, right side!
10. This is tricky. I will point out what things you may have to be extremely careful about here.
11. Okay, one coming from the left mate!
12. Be aware of one coming from near the bottom right! Dash up!

13. Stay top right now mate
14. After this one goes by, DASH DOWN!

15. Snakes from the top!

16. Snakes from the bottom!

Now this guy will turn into a crazy monster from your nightmares

Okay, time for that crazy monster!
1. Dash down to near the bottom right.
2. Watch the drippy boy turn into a crazy monster from your nightmares.
3. Okay, now half of the screen is covered by his vomit. great.
this is not the end though.

4. Spikey boy incoming

5. The bottom and top will get blasted.
6. Vomit coming again!

7. The spikey boy again.

9. Vomit again.

11. Vomit again and bottom and top will be blasted.
12. 4 Way spinner again. do the same as last time.
13. Spikes and vomit
14. Bottom and top be blasted.
15. After the next vomit, left and right will be blasted.
16. The spikey boy again.
17. Vomit, then dash to near the bottom middle.

18. The new version of the spikey boy will come into play.

19. Snake bottom right
20. Snake bottom left
21. Snake from the left wall
22. Watch out. a big bunch of snakes from the right.

23. A big bunch from the left.

24. A big bunch from the top

25. A big bunch from the bottom.
26. A big bunch from the right!
27. A big bunch from the left!
28. A big bunch from the top!
29. A big bunch from the bottom!!

Last one.

Now. there are two ways to go about this.

A: The normal way.

Go to the right middle and wait for a bit. when everything is covered except for his mouth, go in his mouth.

B: The gangster way.

If you want to cheat the system, go to the exact bottom middle. you can wait there until it’s over.


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