Just Cause 3: How to Get Squalo X7

Looking for Squalo X7 and how the heck you should bring it to Frigos Garage?
Just check what I did to accomplish that.


Where to find the Squalo X7 ? Litore Toro

It’s quite easy to find it, take on mind, that you will need ( to avoid major problems ) these two zones liberated.

The first location is at Litore Torto, and in my opinion, the hardest one.
And you may be thinking, why it’s harder? Because it’s surrounded by high cliffs and it’s quite hard to get down to water safe.
But why do I need water if I can tow the boat. Well, that’s a point, you can only use the Bavarium tank and go at snail steps because you can’t go faster than 20kph or you can flip the boat. And also, remember, you are on steep zone, so it’s quite hard to slow down the boat on the ground.

This lake has a few ruins in there, you will look to the “star-ish” one, the boat will be parked there.

You can use, in both zones, the Urga Hrom D, the strongest Heli in-game, but also, you need the grapple maxed, and a bit of luck if you are at the same level that the boat is.
It’s easier to use the grapple if you have the heli flying, that’s how you can connect the boat without unbalancing the Heli.

Just use the Mech and drive to the Garage.

Where to find the Squalo X7? Libeccio

All right, here we are, this is, again in my opinion, the easiest way to get the boat.

First, you will need to reach the Libeccios Lake, that one with the wall, you know.

The boat will be waiting for you parked in the dock.

Moving the Squalo from Libeccio Lake to the garage “safe”?
Well, it’s kinda safe to use this metod, at least, this is what I did and it went well.
I will explain, or better said, show in pictures, what I did and where I found a good spot to leave the boat on water without making it explode.
Btw, you can use the same path with the Babarium Tank, or try luck with the grapple.

This is the path i found less dangerous. Of course, it all depends on which method.

In my case, I tried with any of the Mech because they are faster than the B.Tank and less dangerous.

Grab that little bastard with the Mech Grip. AND DON’T YOU DARE TO LET IT FALL

Then, drive carefully to the concrete wall, there is a dirt path you can follow ( Marked on green on the map ) till you reach the intersection.

And there you go, you are free to follow the marker, you may found some annoying enemies, but nothing to take care of, just keep driving with the boat high enough to not hit the vehicles, and if you can, avoid trees either, they usually broke, but… you never know when they will take revenge.

When you reach the garage, DON’T, just don’t put the boat on the floor, stand there till they told you it’s all good.

If for any reason, you make the boat touch any building or even a car, it will explode. Please, be careful, it’s annoying to make it all the way back with Fast travel to respawn the boat.

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