Juno New Origins: Hidden Achievement Guide

Descriptions of all the hidden achievements


Hidden Achievements

Going Broke

Go into debt

I Don’t Need Instructions

Skip the craft designer tutorial in career mode


Collect 250 tech points without spending them

We’re Only In It For The Money

Complete the same contract 10 times

Contractual Obligations

Have 5 contracts accepted at the same time

Pretend That Didn’t Happen

Use quickload


Be on a hyperbolic trajectory out of the Juno system

One Giant Leap

Land on Luna with a Drood and walk around

Light This Candle

Leave a Drood in a craft on the launchpad for hours

Mission Control

Have 20 resumable craft

That’s Not How Physics Work

Launch a craft with zero mass

A Complex Puzzle

Launch a craft with over 1000 parts

Heavy Lifter

Launch a craft with 27 engines in the first stage


Fly into Juno

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